Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tasseomancy #2

Roman Birdhouse 3" mini cdr - Dsic

First thing that strikes you is the overtly tactile nature of this latest dsic release, there’s something of an apparitional whiff of Sindre Bjerga about it as processing boundaries smudge into more ‘hands on’ realities…

Machine frictions and industrial indigestions start the disc… a ping ponging of mechanized rhythms, counter pointed by a rattle of skeleton chop sticks … later drowned out in bassy bulks and slow bled manipulations…

Track three shifts the focus in an unravelling of brittle shapes… sweeps of fractured china dripping in the condensation of masked breath… the grain, overtly visual, like an asthmatic after party clean up… a bag dragging enema of broken crockery, turpentine hex and eerie taps…

Track four is more processor locked, grabbing your ear in a painful squeeze from the offset , dancing out on a multi textural circuit squeak, squirting out Barbarella bubbles and lush explosive colours …effect envelopes within envelopes … a transforming Russian dolly of transistorised mangleaze … I could happily listen to a whole album of this, a true highpoint …

The album closer is a droney one, with a loose string resonance… drylined acerbic, growing out in threatening spurts and slowly wrung psychodramas, those mirror written déjà vu’s upping sinister tensions…

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mantrasphere (12 track cd)

Hello Eaters of The Rottenmeats!

An advance copy of a self-published debut album has found its way into Mr Bucca’s hand, and I have to say I’ve been mightily impressed with it. Readers and regulars of Rottenmeats will have to suspend their normal musical extremes to hear this one out, but bear with me. (You’ll note as well a serious tone to my keyboard meanderings today – I’ve spent a very pleasant hour zoning out to the following…)

Produced by Barry Andrews of Shriekback and XTC fame, the album ‘Mantrasphere’ by Hugh Carroll contains 12 tracks of sublime head music: acoustic guitar entangled with chants and mantras in a completely beguiling and entrancing way.

I had a chat with Hugh the other day regarding the development of the album. It found its genesis when he suffered a serious fall whilst working as a circus performer in 1991. This experience lead Hugh through a long (and ongoing) process of recovery, the traces of which resonate through the music. During that process, he has developed a deep love of Buddhism which enabled him to cope with both the trauma and the illness which followed. (Rottenmeats lovers of drone and musical repetition take note – the roots of much of what you enjoy find a resonance in some of the practices of Eastern culture - and you might find the cross-over extremely interesting.)

So, with Mantrasphere you have a genre (and prejudice) defying collision – this isn’t anodine 'relaxation' music but a passionate search for the universal and transcendent in the midst of the personal and tragic, an artists manifestation of an inner journey. I’ve been blown away by it – not only is it very moving in its own right, but it forced me to take a longer look at my own musical preconceptions and restrictions.

Please have a look at Hugh’s website for some clips and sample tracks here. The album will be fully released in the next few weeks – and I’m hoping will be followed up with some dates (I’m suggesting he contacts The Croft, as the intimate venue of the front room would be ideal).

Sam Bucca

Thought Forms Picture Disc

...Translating this from teeny weeny cd was a lot of work, but well worth it... really chuffed with the results... Didn't realise it was going to be so limited, but that makes it even more desirable... You can grab a copy over at Invada or Cargo...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Goo

some new sketchbook work... this was inspired by Levitating Discs

Friday, December 10, 2010


...the fairytale is now drain water

Thursday, December 09, 2010


From its grinning 'Cheshire Cat' front to the wacked outcomes of the disc, this is an amazing piece of work. A hopscotch of post-industrialised swarfings and weird balladry. A peculiar blend that scuttles within your head with an unholy light, the combined talents of Placenta Popeye, Slicing Grandpa and Opera Mort.

Treading on your notions of tunefulness with bad ass inventiveness, creating a dismembered disco-tech of jarring angles and vocal impairments, where the distinctive charms of El-g aren’t too far away… Whether slurring his Parisian vowels or yelping like an amphetamined puppy, he injects serious amounts of fun into the proceedings as well as a fair bit of unhinged terror...

There’s even a foray into pop, where the cut 'n' stapled sound has a wicked gleam of Palais Schaumburg about it …then just as you think you've had all your treats, it slams into this TG-esque anthem of hoodoo thuggery and snarling bass that lights your head right up... I tell you, by the time the disc quivers out on trembling machine limbos and bendy bass motors, you find yourself with an irresistible urge to hit repeat...

A shot in the eye for people that moan on about the future of music.