Monday, October 31, 2005


I was looking around for a few suitable spooky sounds but thought the people at brainwashed had done such an excellent job (right click n save as target folks - 61mb) how could I possibly compete...

At least I’ve posted my pumpkin carving abilities (co-designed by the kids) to get you in the m-ooooooohhhh-d (pun intended)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Twocsinak, Planningtorock and Kevin Blechdom

live @ the Cube, Bristol Saturday 22nd October


The first act, Twocsinak was all introspective comedy backed for the most part by a pre-recorded box of tricks. His lyrics were spilling over with humour and I loved his radically deconstructed remix of Bjork’s ‘Army of Me’ (if only remixes were as entertaining as this). The short set was neatly finished off by a tribute to the late great John Peel in the form of the entire Bend Sinister album ( The Fall being John’s favourite band) condensed into just over 3 mins (repeated words omitted) to the background of clanking machinery – brilliant.

kevin Blechdom and Planningtorock

Planningtorock and Kevin Blechdom (with the assistance of ‘The Organ Lady’ a little bit later on in the set) did a split set starting with a crossed legged acapella sing-song. Kevin kitted out for a celebratory barn dance, helium party balloons tethered to her shirt, Planningtorock a strange concoction of tribal head-hunter and circus ring master…


It wasn’t long before Planningtorock launched into her set. And what a psycho-tropic wonder it was – her painted face twisting – and a voice that dipped into Diamanda Galas territory with menacing projections morphing in slow-mo behind. Leaning into the audience with a sensual sneer – it was a truly dark pleasure that trembled with unease.



I’d listened to a few albums of Kevin’s – and was semi-prepared for her wondrous sense of humour, but live, the experience was magnified into a form of surreal cabaret that showcased her bloody amazing vocals which switched from harmony to screams with disconcerting ease – and of course that mental musicianship,which was particularly demonstrated when she teamed up with ‘The Organ Lady’ for a duet of keyboard conflict - it was a real ‘Buster Keaton’ musical showdown something like two over-wound clockwork toys in a flurry of fingers and hands bouncing off the keys.

Kevin Blechdom and The Organ Lady

Kevin Blechdom and Folks

All musical styles were abused in the process of the show – they even did some wicked hip hop tunes, microphones in hand and a whirl of spluttering words… also loved the helium induced squeaky song.


Planningtorock (originally born in Bolton, now living in Berlin) did a song dedicated to Bolton Wanderers complete with a DIY riot helmet, again the voice was just astonishing and the subject matter all cathartic release.

For the finale Kevin stripped to the waist and while relating a tale of a relationship gone sour, she smeared her naked torso with raw meat – blood dripping between her fingers… speechless.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Nora Keyes

Discovered this while waiting for the Kevin Blechdom show to start at the Cube Bristol (more on this excellent performance a little later) – it was part of a DJ set that was screeeechin' from the bar and I was just compelled to ask who it was – suffice to say it’s on my Christmas list already…

Website :
nora keyes - the show is over..mp3
nora keyes - small apart.mp3 (this is the scary tune they played – sort of like Annie on acid)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Russian Futurists and Caribou

russian futurists

live @ the Cube Bristol Friday 14th October

Russian Futurists' from Canada gave some beautiful pop electronica, with a pumping beat on which the vocals and funky keyboards surfed. They produced some lovely tunes - the vocals were a teeny bit reminiscent of ‘Number One Cup’ with that warm American accent working it’s magic in my heart…..mmmmmm …



'Caribou' were super-loud with two drum-kits creating a bloody massive sound. I was expecting some mellow psychedelia from the vibes of their latest release and got a whole lot more! Live, this band was un-believably beefed up,just superb! Sort of like a jet propelled hippy with flowers exploding from his eyes – those trippy electronic wobbles, mad guitar effects and some blinding acoustic guitar picking and of course that thumping drum work-out – positively pulsing with life –Shit! I even bought the album – gatefold vinyl yummy!




Loved the naïve cartoon work on screen it suited the feel-good vibe -
ahhhh those animated teddy bears in technicolor yellow…and all those cute scribbly characters tumbling around.


If you have the opportunity to catch this band live don’t pass it up… one of the best gigs this year (so far…)

Caribou - Hello Hammerheads.mp3 (this is an excellent pop song)
hosted by the leaf label website

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sagan Live

Photo from Sagan's website - lovely isn't it...

Twitching to the tune of live malfunction…

Sagan-Live_07-02-02.mp3 @ Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco (47.8 MB)
Sagan-Live_07-12-02.mp3 @ Sushi Gallery, San Diego (36.0 MB)
Sagan-Live_10-10-02.mp3 @ 111 Minna, San Francisco (30.3 MB)
Sagan-Live_10-27-02.mp3 @ Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco (50.2 MB)

and if you like what you hear why not find out more about them...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Let there be Blurt...

Friday 30th September 2005 @ The Cube, Bristol

Papa Molasses & the Dane County Paragons

'Papa Molasses & the Dane County Paragons' were a mountain of dirty alt-country – a tex-mex nightmare of smeared vocals, heavy guitars and manic drums. The ‘Sergio Leone’ Spaghetti Western screening behind them suited their possessed set perfectly – sort of Cramps psycho-billy with a pinch of Ska and maybe a little Bauhaus grafted to a lot of twitching visceral muscle - unquestionably worth seeing again! Can’t believe these guys haven’t released any buyable tunes yet....Get on with it!!!…………………………

Ivory Springer

Math-rock trio 'Ivory Springer', from Bedminster were a little more sedate than the opening act but no less exciting, with their mangled angular guitar shapes and funny lyrics about the staring eyes of Soviets (sorry my memory is a bit shot in this dept.) - sort of vaguely reminded me of Hovercraft in places. Tight distorted ditties with rhythms that flipped from guitar to bass then back again - well worth a repeat performance.


Well, Mr Milton’s 'Blurt' was a real treat - Playing a lot of old time favourites like they were penned just yesterday and he was still only 25! Backed only by spiky guitar and drums, they gave plenty of room for Ted to scrawl over the sound with his sax (my goodness this man could play!) He filled the space with some excellently absurd lyrics, put across with a mad-charismatic stare and his over-sized suit shaking round his dancing frame…



…The guitarist was superbly tight, creating such 'geniusly' simple rhythms that were as addictive as hell, at one point even spot playing his fretboard like a piano… …Blurt were so good, you were simply left with a taste for more! - One encore just wasn’t enough…