Saturday, May 31, 2008

Deadly Waters

Seven Sung Outa Tune

Thanks for the tag Kidshirtus, can’t resist the invitation... so here goes... my current top seven tunes (loose terminological gimmickry) that are 'right here, right now' for the terminally curious.

Barbwire Babe – Plastobeton - elastic drum skin n drunken lights in the vocal cords, there are plenty of other Plastobeton tracks lining up behind this one, but this has a strange half remembered flavour that sticks pins into the uncharted for me.

Charmer – Kings of Leon – the yelling is reminiscent of Black Francis, backed by music that’s all hot n spiky – unlike all that other soulful mush they’ve done... Talk about outa character! My eldest loves this one too. He attempts to bang out the tune on the electric, but funnily enough he can’t see what I see in the Pixies…Oh the paradox of the widening gene pool.

Paint Me As a Dead Soul – Coil (The New Backwards) – a Spring surprise from the hallowed Coil vaults; this track sounds like a wind up toy slowing falling unconscious… find myself falling in love with Coil all over again as Balance rambles on about black halos and such…

Bum Breaker – Towering Breaker / BBBlood – Can’t begin to describe the mental state this collaboration leaves me in; the unexpected atmospheres are simply delish. More on this CDr sometime later, that’s if I can snap myself out of the trance it induces.

She took us to the places where the sun sets – Current 93
– a psychotic taster of things to come, if the rest of the forthcoming is this good, well…

One Hundred Years – Millions - slow-mo fireworks dropping from the skies – a mind mushroom of a track that leaves a gibbering after image on the psyche.

Stone Circle – Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors – the vibe here is ssoooo relaxed I’ve pissed myself, if only more new-age-music slipped in this direction and avoided that whole 'Enigma' cash in.

Now, whether I have seven other internet obsessives to pass this on to is another matter… Guess I’m a cul de sac kinda guy – LOL.

Death Ambient

Always loved that semi abstract vibe Mori, Hideki and Frith have crafted in their Death Ambient project, something that strangely isn't ambient or deathly... so you can guess my surprise when I spotted a live freebie over at the Big O mostly forged from their recent(ish) drunken forest outing...

Crap that nobody else wants #1

Oh charity, charity gourd bless yr... just when I thought Cornwall was devoid of the spinning stuff, out pops these two gems for two squid each (we were at the seaside)... I was compelled to put a Can one back to restore the karmic balance...

Thursday, May 22, 2008


A dozen glimpses from the prismed eye, including a brand new track by ourselves.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Plastobeton - Glam Mort + The Lost Tapes

Right from the offing those insistent rhythms of Plastobeton are a wow, that Suicide-esque repetition digging into your head as the yell-a-delics carve it all up into tidy song portions. Glam-Mort surely is a post-punk beauty, twisting sinews of discontent flowing through synth muscles and urgent vocals – just soak up that grainy energy and fling yourself around like a distraught Dada-meat puppet – delicious stuff, begging for a re-issue.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Atomic Harbour Songs

News just in... we’ve got another Ice Bird Spiral appearance as part of the Bristol Venn Fest... me and kek are really proud to be offered another Bristol show... especially with the almighty Sunburned who are definitely going to be scrambling a few brains over that afternoon’s four hours afloat on the river Avon...

Seeing Stars

Off to see Stars Of The Lid tomorrow with Mr O in tow. I’m a bit miffed that Scorces have been forced to cancel their whole UK tour though - was really looking forward to a bit of witchiness creeping across the flesh, here’s hoping the family emergency in question has a silver lining... Anyway, still excited by the prospect of being seduced by the sustained haze of SOTL... with string section and projections promised, sounds like it could be bloody special...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kassette Kulture #14 - Charity shop slight return

A 59er over at the local Oxfam, with bonus 70's accidental party overdub on the disco track - the rest is soft focus balladry at it's very best, crap film though. One day i'm gonna stumble across a vinyl copy that isn't completely (pardon the pun) shagged.

Kassette Kulture #13 - Kommissar Hjuler / Mamma Baer - Tanzprocesz-Sicherungskopie

This new cassette from Tanzprocesz is just insane - a mesmerizing catalogue of electro-acoustic mouth marring and dribbling vocal garlands - weep / hic-cup / choke / semi lullaby / whip crack yelps and who knows what else. Sort of like an extreme avant-soap-opera, oozing with brilliant clashes of toy texture and mis-rhythmic back wash plus the odd squeaky plastic duck.

This stuff breezes through you with lunatic ease, one side comical the other verging on the psychotic. A recommended listen, with plenty of hilariously scary and truly inspired moments during its 60 odd minutes. Brings to mind early Nurse, Meredith Monk, Patty Waters, Galas, and a whole string of other luminaries that haven’t even been born yet. Guessing their record collection is littered with equal oddness... the duos art definitely follows that strange furrow they are ploughing musically... Especially loving that brutish scrawl of Mama Baer’s output… plenty of raw meat and jagged edges to excite your imagination… The world needs more people like this in it I can tell you!

While you are at it, why not taste that domestic death purr of Kommisser Hjuler’s vacuum cleaner on this U-Tubie moment... As I said, inspired...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

LoFi Absurdities

The cream of bedroom broadcasting, straight from El-g towers. This one has special helpings of Sliced Grandpa