Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saturation Point - Mechanisms

Absolutely loving this latest offering from Bristol's Saturation Point, those breezy autobahn imperatives and electronische graffiti sprays are bloody excellent... themes flip in and out of focus, ferment in swathes of Korg yawn and heady exhaust fumes, mutate into new and more infectious concoctions...

It all starts like a train pulling out of the station, an ease of metal fatigue and effects warble, like someone trying to strike a psilocybin match... then you're slammed straight into a feel good rush... buzzy modulations, bone dry percussion, and a complement of chintzy guitar sparks... The stick work is amazing, everything's got this sunny vibe... even when it takes a Kraftwerkian dip, you can feel the energy being re-directed, churned around...

When the drums hit again, they are chisel hard hammers, pure adrenaline anviled prangs, no luke warm synthesis, but proper drums... multi tracking, upping the action, mixing with a mean momentum and slipstreams of electronic vapour... your eyes lost in the bubble wrap contours of frothy surf or bending back on wobbly pins...

The synth work reminds me of Thighpaulsandra's, all loose and trippy...full of textural chasms. When it falls backwards on itself in a charmed snake hypno.. that dubby, radiophonic gurgle of scissors and desert winds eats you up with its delirious elegance... whirl fingering your mind...

By the time the drums are flung in the forefront again, you're completely hooked... as time is literally ripped open by jetsetter guitar sunsets and a hail of smeared shapes are forced down a hurdy gurdy crocus of Armenian patterns. Gorgeous cracks from the electronics spill out of the fractures, tram line flashes of damp blue, the core rhythm getting more untameable, distorted like a smudged and maligned 'Big Country' pummelled in hot polystyrene meteors. This is rather special.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Car Bootie

Spirit were always a bit of a disappointment, ever since 'Dr Sardonicus' failed to live up to those psychedelic mirror bends of its cover... but this definitely dwells in a league of its own... plus it has a comic strip lyric book...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wreckcord Day

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Autotistic is proud to present his latest aural hauntings from face dribbling suburbia... over 77 mins of sonic disturbance that clings to you like bedsitter mold. The perfect accompaniment to supermarket fluorescents and multi-storey concrete. Click on the above pic for more info

A very limited framed edition will be available soon with
alternate artwork, inlay cards and special surprises...



Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Alexander Thomas, Squeeze Me Macaroni, Bleeding Heart Narrative, Ala Muerte

Saturday 3rd April @ The Cube

Mr Thomas is always a pleasure to behold, asymmetric orchestrations flowing out of his machine, classical laments riddled with tectonic shifts and cracking pebbles... hands grabbing at the notes or exiling them in knuckled plunges... gulls circling, a Ouija board of otherness....Theremic feral-moans...

Squeeze me Macaroni was crunched up at the foot of the stage...swaying away, caught up in the mood soaked litmus and toy xylophonics... The effects feed, throwing a wobbly, creating secondary vocals that bit against the intended smears, sounding haunted... the heady guitar architectures getting all anxious, string stabs razoring the angelic... she churned up quite a storm, ending with a guitar slam to the forehead.

Bleeding Heart Narrative were a full on band phenomenon... loved the power of two drum kits, every song beamed energy, reeling with a Godspeed majesty that could fill whole sides of vinyl with ease, the kinda glowing vibe Arcade Fire always harped on about but failed to deliver... lush and intoxicating, reminded me of when I saw Caribou way back in '05

In comparison, the headliner was a bit too fragmented... nice haunted vocals and looped guitar sandpapering through the speakers, but as a whole it failed to get me worked up, which was a shame because her album is rather lovely.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Doctor Gorpon

hilarious black n white burn from upstairs in the local comic emporium...a haul of 10p bargains...just love this grossly exaggerated stuff, a never ending parade of melting faces and stupid storylines...

this one's penned by the genius that is Marc Hansen and starts in rubbery strangulation...

Friday, April 02, 2010