Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lawns of Dawns

oh oh, mr olivetti has just bagged this for me, can't wait to hear all those out-takes, re-runs and demos - me being a big nico fan and all.

More charity shop action

Holger Hiller - Jonny - Das Feuer

Picked up this lovely slice of German synth-pop ‘70's carpet swatch’ from the local charity shop along with a 12 inch from Perennial Divide, a Swindon band that later became the famous Meat Beat Manifesto - demo-ing some slightly industrial / beat shenanigans.

Also rescued a really filthy Telekon (destined for the skip) that I just couldn’t stand to see cast out with the rubbish. The pleasures of which I reckon could be resurrected with some tender loving care and plenty of ‘old faithful’ vinyl cleaner. Smashing up some of the other 12 by 12’s would be a satisfying experience though... Often imagine if I won a load of money I’d have a merry dance round a burning pyre, making something monumental (with emphasis on the mental) from the charred and misshapen remains. Guessing the toxicity would then become an environmental issue rather than just audio pollution ( probably have to opt for the less dramatic and use them as canvases instead... umm, there's an idea) .

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Seymours send off

Way hey, hats off to Kidshirt for complementing my blurry post-gig (had no sleep) write up with some tasty descriptive meat of his own. Pop across and take a peek if you know what’s good for yer. . .

. . . meanwhile here's a few pics that DJ Baz sent over to me recently, think he captured the two drummers brilliantly.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kassette Kulture #2

Mythos Folkways Vol.3 Divination Night - Raccoo-oo-oon

Mythos - Folkways Vol.3 - Divination Night

Plenty going on here over the tapes 45 mins, leading to satisfying re-immersions (personally I’m counting six so far) as metamorphic shifts of perspective tirelessly hold your ear’s imagination.

Love the way the sounds amass / expand, as the tracks unfold almost organically. The divisions blurring, de-tuning into some serious psych-mush of fragmented instrument haze and mummified mouth muffle. I like the way there’s always an underlying rhythm keeping all of this a float, and Raccoo-oo-oon being Raccoo-oo-oon you’re never too far from a bit of instrument thrashing.

Side one, after a piano/flute preamble demos some lovely guitar/drum thunder, whilst side two is more broken down rhythmic sprinkle and squiggle, with an excellent bit of devotional yelling to a fucked drum/cymbal static backdrop.

This is only the bare bones, a rough summary of what’s going on. I wouldn’t want to ruin your listening experience trying to pin down the magic, but one thing is for certain, you’re definitely in for a treat with this one.

Expect more Raccoo-oo-oon postings soon - can't seem to get enough of them.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Lost track

Jungle George – the equator of her navel
Appearing in 94 on a Teenbeat fifty comp (the cover's below), this track was a real oddity of outsider music. Preset synth with exquisite word ramble from a band by the name of Jungle George (formed by a classmate of Andrew Beaujon in the early years of Teenbeat but details are mythically vague). A genuine delicacy, out of sync with the rest of the tracks on the compilation. A weird nugget shining in the gutter of musical history that like all musical genius was sadly short lived. Always hoped there was a whole album of these hobo outpourings out there somewhere, but I guess it’s easier to find a unicorn horn.

Teenbeat - Fifty

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ghost Ships

this one isn't in the book, but a segment from one of my favourites

Reading this hardback on the love triangle between Max Ernst , Gala and Paul Eluard and how their jaunts off to the far eastern corners of the globe inspired some of Ernst’s most enduring and haunting abstracts – Lots of post analytical comparisons between travelogue photos of the time and his paintings – so plenty of oh yeah moments to be had. The writing isn’t bad either, avoiding the monotony of staid thesaurus swallowing, for text that actually goes somewhere. Of course the stunning artwork is the real attention grabber with some work I’ve never seen before, which considering the man’s vast output isn’t surprising. One of those books you flick through for a moment and lose an hour or two - true time recovery.

Funnily enough I’ve been an Ernst devotee since I accidentally found a book on him in a library in the 80’s, a huge dusty tome which smelt of decay. Have a memory of mouthing the German text as my eyes ran the textured surface of the full colour plates, head soaked with exotic and wondrous explorations - smelling my hands afterwards. It’s a pity that I’ve never actually seen the canvases in the flesh, maybe one day.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Meaty Farewell to Seymours

Hunting Lodge, Tight Meat Duo and Raccoo-oo-oon
Weds 14th March 2007 @ Seymours Bristol

Hunting Lodge

Hunting Lodge

Hunting Lodge was an ear-splitting mixture of meaty drums, scuzzy guitars, and vocal murk. The drummer, stripped down to his underwear, thumped his skins in tight explosive rhythms. The rest of the band seemed to gather in homage to his prowess, as he led the sound in pounding muscle - heavy, unstoppable. Crippled guitar lines fractured in sporadic outbursts around the beats. The vocalist’s semi-abstract slurred growl adding to the luscious ugliness. I’ve seen this lot twice before here and here and they just get better with every outing.

Hunting Lodge

Hunting Lodge

The Tight Meat Duo

Next up were the ‘Tight Meat Duo’- a sax /percussion twosome from Glasgow, featuring free drummer Alex Nielson and David Keenan (of Telstar Ponies fame and Volcanic one) on sax. Drums and sax worked against, then with each other in a giddy tide of sound graffiti, bagging plenty of punch. Keenan’s knees were permanently bent as he forced squalling shapes through the air. Alex employed an amazing array of toys to add to the percussive assault – the kinda Jazz I like, primitive earthy and fucking loud.

The Tight Meat Duo

The Tight Meat Duo



Finally Raccoo-oo-oon took to the floor; they were infinitely more ballistic than I’d expected them to be. Their effects soaked sound was tremendously full on, riddled with raw rhythmic hooks and mangled tribal vibes, with two drummers supplying the necessary impetus for the electronic/feedback thicket. According to Shawn, they were showcasing stuff off the soon to be released Behold Secret Kingdom album and bloody first-rate it was too, a fitting send-off to a cracking venue.

... may those yuppy inheritors choke on their pre-packaged lives.

Tail at Prospect Peak - Raccoo-oo-oon

(A taster from the Behold Secret Kingdom Tour CDR)




Sunday, March 04, 2007

Christoph Heemann and Nurse with Wound

Queen Elizabeth Hall Saturday 3rd March

Christoph Heemann's set was too minimal for my tastes, but had some interesting drone shivers. The first half of the set concentrated on the ambient side of things, the second half peaking with some lovely colours, as small changes were made almost zen –like to the mix. It was wonderful to hear the whole entity shifting around but visually it was a bit dull. Closing your eyes and drifting along was preferable, as the sound took on an elevated, amorphic shape in the mind’s eye something I guess Christoph was after. I liked the subtle traffic noises - the only recognisable human reference in the alien un-empathic machine code.

The Nurse set was a fabulous amble (approx 1hr 40) through some back catalogue re-shuffles. Slow drones built into a contorted mass of creaks, explosions and noisy detours from all members. The screen action was really strange, mirrored bodies and reflective vaseline like contours breaking into diamond-like trickles of light .

Marcus produced some interesting percussive counterpoints, that somehow gathered together to produce a semi distinct Dead Side of the Moon. Tibet graced the stage bare foot and gorgeously stuttered the vocals whilst creating a mix of dramatic posturing and insane enthuiasm, whilst Stapleton bowed a guitar. ‘The moon is deaddddddddddddd', Tibet cried in sibilate projection.

As the sound shifted on, Tibet, bottle in hand, retired from the stage and the Nurse set moved into unknown territory. So much was happening, I couldn't begin to recall in infinite detail, but at one point Steve was doing some interesting scratching and DJ shenanigans. Matt Waldron’s toy collection was fully exploited with a latex gas mask improv that succeeded to be both comical and sinister.

At points the sound detached from its multi strands of drone to break into some lovely beat led works. Matt went straight into some crooked Blues song rendition, while hitting his head with a small hand drum... Something about ‘whooping under the board-walk’ with great use of expletives, he had a great voice, something that was a pleasant shock to the system. After another eerie subdivision, recognisable beats materialised which gathered momentum and Tibet returned. Mentally energetic, he threw himself into a re-work of Two Shaves and a Shine almost spitting the lyrics out, my face was a fixed grin, eyes taking in the pure majesty.

For the final furlong, a restructuring of Salt Marie Celeste was their offering, with Liles’s whale chomping, Matt’s toys, tuning fork and tinkering, cutting across the creaking drone of the heavy water shifting swell, I’ll never get bored of this song’s aching loneliness.

When the whole finally came to a grinding halt and the team left the stage to enormous applause, you just know an encore was out of the question.

Definitely a value for money show and something that will remain an untouchable experience for some time to come. Bloody suu-perbbbbbb. Witnessing a lunar eclipse outside was the crowning cherry as the moon turned suitably crimson-like and menstrual (could almost feel Tibet grinning) .

Front row wound

Well the London Nurse with Wound show was superb, and i'm not just saying that because I'm a massive nurse fan. The show excelled on many different levels and I think the inclusion of Mr Tibet (who was in top loony tune form) was a definite bonus plus Mr Irr App (Ext) singing some twisted version of the blues. A million times better than the Preston gig (and that was pretty incredible in itself). A more in depth view after a bit of shut eye meanwhile here's a few pics