Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Finnish threesome


Those Finnish underground folk are coming to the Cube late March. The magnificent Fonal label present a triple bill of music that has been filling my head since 2004. Es, Islaja and Kiila - it doesn't get any better than this... but probably will.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

oh lovely...

Went to The Books and Clogs at the Cube last night, a clever blend of classical sensibilities, a odd collection of sound sources and lots of (hilarious) humour but more on that a little later.

Meanwhile wonder what's the chances of convincing my wife that a double bill of apocalyptic metal is romantic?
look so cool too :-(

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Another Charity Shop Find

Dave Ball - In Strict Tempo

Dave Ball's solo music sounds slightly date now, but its the collaboration tracks on this album that make it worthwhile. Genesis P Orridge guests on two dreamy tracks and the Gavin Friday contribution seems like a forgotten Virgin Prunes classic... A certain Geff Rushton also models on the cover (think he's the one doing the drumming) - well worth a quid!

Killing Music Logo
Oh no it didn't... cool logo though

Sunday, January 22, 2006

oh, the stones

Spell against demons by Hush Arbors (thanks for the introduction kek-w) was the perfect soundtrack of sorts to this winter trip to Avebury - a place that is normally devoid (or raped) of spirituality, but on a cold Sunday in January the place was almost deserted, crows calling from the bare branches... a sense of something returns for this broken circle with a tarmac scar…

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Two for today

Renegades of Funk
A re-issue of a old classic by the big man of funk (ah, the memories) - e-a-tar-a-yoyo...

Chamber Music
Love that fake 'been in the charity shop for 20 years' look of this newbie from Thighpaulsandra.

Bitchin' 'n' Bitin' 'n' Pimpin'...

cover from www.durtro.com

Guess this must be the fabled stapleton 'Hip Hop' project...
Will Nurse with Wound be the same again?

Friday, January 20, 2006

Way hey - they're coming back

Sunburned Hand of the Man are returning to Bristol this March for two mid-week shows (1st & 2nd) - should be a groovy wyrd folk experience. Here's some pics (taken by me) from when they last visited the Cube (think it was Dec 2004) supporting the equally wonderful JOMF...

... dressed in a plastic horse head he communes with nature...

...doing some inverted vocal play...

not to be missed...they are sure to cook up a heady mixture of everything under the sun...
what's more the merch stall is always choked full of homegrown CD-r fare.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

His Name is Alive Freebies

This is turning into a bit of a 4AD fest (well ex-4AD in the case of HNIA)
Those Michigan boys n girls love to throw us some tasty morsels now and then
- the Summer Bird EP of last year being a superb example.
So for a limited time only it's a 11 trk sampler of the
Cloud box.

Free 50ft Wave

Glad to see the girl still knows now to rock...
Freebies like these are few and far between - bless her cottons (oh-er)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Surfin and sittin around

From the netlabel Camomille comes this ep from Photophob ‘ The fragmentary i’ has its fair share of pleasant digital clicks and beautiful beats, with a sound that tastes incredibly fresh, a difficult thing to pull off in the oversaturated world of electronica – There’s lots going on here amongst these loosely knitted rhythmic tracks with melodies that just evolve between your ears - on headphones your mind's pulled this way and that in a carefree ride out of town - The type of ultra trendy programming that beats the 'Boards of Canada' at their own game for the moment… I’ll be playing this until those blue skies return - feeling a little sun kissed in the process…

Mirror recursion.mp3
The fragmentary I.mp3

Midinette Records
On a slightly darker territory this release from P Ferrari Center (from the netlabel Midinette), is sleazy, low slung programming that fingers away in red neon mammon – street lights gliding the windows surface as the car slips through the night…thought the bass heavy last track could have benefited from some groany vocals.


...just finished watching Casshern a bit of an over-wrought epic, at 142mins long - with a strong anti-war agenda but what a lush visual feast of a film …more music video artists should take up the challenge. Found the clever editing somewhat confusing in places – but a terrific ride - just wished I’d seen it in the cinema - all that overwhelming richness was lost on my tiny TV – maybe I should sit closer next time…

As I’m a bit of a lazy typist click here for a review - sit back and be seduced

Friday, January 13, 2006

Charity Shop Conquest

Thomas Leer - 4 Movements

After trawling through an immeasurable pile of dusty vinyl, as you do, I was surprised to find, hiding in between the Des O'Connors and Welsh National Choir this little ray of sunshine from
Thomas Leer. Just a 12 inch mind, with only four tunes - but the pleasure this humble offering created was tremendous. Yeh, I’d love to find a mint copy of 'The Bridge' or an Industrial Records seven inch but I guess this is as close as I’m going to get, for the time being anyway...

It’s funny how charity shop moments like this soon become the stuff of personal legend, like the time I found a Meredith Monk LP (for the plain silly price of 50p) that I’d been searching for since hell knows when, also refreshing to find that it still happens in this Ebay obsessed world.

It’s really heart warming to treasure somebody else’s cast offs... value is a strange commodity indeed.

Friday, January 06, 2006

We return to a vegetable kingdom of our own making

os botanicos
Os Botanicos available from the Brazilian netlabel Menthe De Chat

Like a lost psychedelic masterpiece this recording has all the hallmarks of an early 70’s classic – and an incredible groove-some collection of tracks it is too.

When the sax hits the mix everything goes Sun Ra, the electronic elements - Tangerine Dream, that snakelike rhythm - Amon Duul 2, and that sprinkling of flutes - early Gong. All this comes to mind on the journey, but this heady mix of instrumentation is far too fluid for such comparisons. Although it weans itself from a long line of holier than holies it’s not just repeating history to template.

This hypnotic rhythm, not unlike the audio equivalent of a multi coloured lava lamp which your ear has difficulty tearing itself away from, blends all the textures together coaxing your mind into blossom – and what a wonderful bloom it is…

Muhr's follow up to La chute du romantisme en ballades

Muhr - We are desolved
Released on Serein ( who have been around since the latter end of 2005 and run from a small hut in the South of Wales, UK) , this ep is a followup to the miasmah ep, that I liked way back in June. I love this EP's crisp melodies and overwhelming tranquility. For the new year there's a nifty comp of delights to come from the label.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Release on www.beatismurder.com

Liger/A Thousand Fuegos

The cup's half empty filled with your tears and the world of 'Liger/A Thousand Fuegos' gives you the re-assurance that you’re not alone. They inhabit the same twilight city where passing cars are aching reminders of a world slipping from your grip. The music seems equally fragile as if breathing would atomise it, collapsing those gorgeous skeletal structures that enfold the hushed outpourings of loss, longing etc, although a fair deal of ambiguity dwells here too.

The first of a series of new EP’s from www.BeatisMurder.com this release is split between two like minded bands, Liger who present 6 new short-ish songs one of which is a lovely cover of a Bjork tune (the realisation of which creeps up on you unexpectedly as all good covers versions should) and a newcomer to Beatismurder - A Thousand Fuegos who have the last 3 tracks and end this tantalisingly short EP on a slightly optimistic note with a touching squeeze box / guitar shanty. Looking forward to the rest in the series.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

More Delights from Rio : Sensorial Estereo and Lavajato

Both of these releases are available from Truma Records (part of Umbigo group) of Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Sensorial Estereo

Sensorial Estereo :10 Mil Hertz Suite Hi-Fi
This guitar based EP is perfect alt-rock, it's chords shimmer with a brilliance that I wish would return to these shores soon. Similar in sound to the post-rock band Hovercraft it has lots of cool background sonics , and the abstraction of an alien tongue (well to me at least) just adds to the dynamics. You can download a few album samples here but some of that lush textural depth has been lost in the transfer.

Sensorial Estereo booklet


Lavajato - ø mínimo recomendável

Lavajato - ø mínimo recomendável
Heralded by their label as anti-music Lavajato is another experimental sound project from Brazil. I don’t think they are annoying enough to qualify as anti-music which is a good thing as I find the notion more satisfying in idea than practical application. They don’t break much new ground experimentally either but I do find this album pleasantly distracting and off-kilter enough in places to warrant repeated listens - something about that 'low-budget' feel that I warm to, plus I’m always a sucker for processed vocals (Gary Numan saw to that). You can make up your own mind though as www.archive.org host the album (and many others by the band, which I’ll be catching up on in due time)

Lavajato - insert

Lavajato - insert

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Delights from Rio

Recently received six official experimental cdrs from my friend over in the eternal sunshine of Brazil - so I’ve got lots of goodies to keep myself occupied during these cold and dark months ahead – Frithlang, Dell.tree, Os Botanicos, Sensorial Estereo, Lavajato…and a limited edition (5/100) of Thelmo Christovam + Fernando S Torres from the netlabel Menthe De Chat .

Thelmo Christovam + Fernando S Torres

The limited edition of Thelmo Christovam + Fernando S Torres (chat 005) is particularly fine, housed in a velveteen folder with an understated metal collage on the front – giving a stately air to the two darkly wrought tracks within. The sound is genuinely spooky , dense drones that drift through a psychoactive landscape, possessing a resonance that has all the un-nerving qualities of an Asian horror movie (been on a diet of Asian Extreme this Christmas break) - think shadows crawling around without a physical body or those corner of the eye glances of something unearthly that are pure cold-sweat scary. Best digested with your eyes closed...

Part 1
Part 2

…more on the others a little later on.