Sunday, July 31, 2005

I'm all for DIY music, the technology's there so why not mis-use it. Try ChOcklate CaKE from Shinkoyo's Wormhole (liking the trippy animated gif background). The results are often too random for everybodies tastes, but who wants predictability especially if you’re forging your own way. There's more audio fun at the related if you haven't had your fill of bleep buzz sqeeeezle...

Al Amor de la Lumbre is a side project of Stéphane Flauder from the Neo-Classical group Fin de Siecle collaborating with Alix Marchetti. Lumière Hostile #1 was originally a private cassette release, and now as a free download. It has a lo-fi charm all of its own, sounding like an archaeological find it's definitely something to depress those 'sterile' sound conquistadors out there, track one even reminds me of early Etant Donnes without the screaming and psychotic whispering of course. Oh yes, don't be put off by the site photography the sounds aren't twee and soft focus at all

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fill your head with some sonic creepie crawlies

Knowledge Of Bugs Live at The Cube, Bristol
photo taken from
Live Show Preparation is a gorgeous track from the Bristol collective The Knowledge Of Bugs that was originally a prep track for their December 2004 Live Show at the Cube. 28 mins of blissed out electronics, shimmering guitar and mournful vocals.

Monday, July 25, 2005


Throbbing Gristle
I was googling around with the notion of buying some decent music videos when I stumbled on a free download of Discipline by Throbbing Gristle (right click and save as target). Not a short teaser or crappy stream as you would expect but a whole 10mins worth that can be downloaded to the desktop and enjoyed without irritating buffering ruining your viewing pleasure. It was fun watching Gen bashing his head against the PA to the rhythm of the track, he was way more amusing back then before all this gender switch shenanigans.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

New MP3 EP's on Merzbau

Three cracking eps have been added to the roster at since i last visited:

Noiserv - 56010-92 - three short tracks containing some gloriously sombre vocals accompanied by melodic acoustic fingerings. I'll never tire of hearing stuff like this - poetic confessionals in the reflections of a half empty glass.

Abztract SR Q - Sir Mundina - punky female vocals with plenty of jagged guitars, drums and a few surprises that lean pleasantly to the more experimental end of the pool. Sort of reminds me a bit of early Kas Product before they polished their sound out of existence.

Zlknf - Bast Babylone - tasty audio abstraction that headphones were invented for.

Some excellent weekend listening, thank you Merzbau...

Monday, July 18, 2005

Bubzigohn - the Fugue Episode

This gem of a zane-fest is well worth downloading - it's entertainment Jim, but not as we know it... creative with a capital 'K'. The man's site states Bubzigohn make easy listening avant-pop nouveau designed for wormhole travel which explains the multi-change mentality. The first offering - The Left-Hand Path to Jahweh's Doorstep - from Bubzigohn isn't as day-glow magnificent as this second release but by no means inferior...

Thursday, July 14, 2005

This album by Finnish Folkster Islaja called Maritie has a dreamlike quality all of it's own. Makes you want to collapse in the nearest corn field, and stay that way for hours lost in a blue expanse of sky.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More From Finland

Transkaakko Picture from

Lots more free downloads from Finland thanks to - They are certainly doing some interesting stuff over there, judging by this small selection of MP3 goodies - sort of expanding the boundaries of Folk and Improv without any of the pretension that usually accompanies these things.

The Kiveen Veistetty album from the musical collective Transkaakko with its washes of natural sounds is the real pick of the bunch for me, I love the track
Sadetta Paossa with its use of a thunderstorm , not necessarily a new concept I know but here it acts like an harmoniser that compliments the slow shamanic chant / drumming - the result is literally saturated with atmosphere.

Also on my quest for more psychedelic outpourings from this country, I can across this
site packed with information and reviews - happy browsing

Monday, July 11, 2005

Finnish Psych Folk

Arus - Avarus
If you've been itching to get your hands on some Finnish psych-folk here's your chance to download a 30 minute slice of live action from the (often talked about seldom heard) collective Avarus, courtesy of Personally I can never get enough of formless racket especially if there's a bit of wailing involved. I also found a few live pics of the band on the Finnish site that are worth a look.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Noisefest August

Emil Beaulieau, Sudden Infant, consumer Electronics
flyer taken from Abrasive Productions website

Could August 2005 get any better?

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Circle - Friday 8th July @ The Cube Mircoplex, Bristol

Great Guitar work from Anton Maiof (My Ambulance Is On Fire)

First up - One man, one guitar and a box of electronic trickery bathed in the ambient red glow. Bent over his guitar slow dark riffs were captured and re-shaped into rhythms with new sounds being created then overlaid, a compliment of effects pedals guaranteeing extra interest. The sound had roots in both doom metal and in the later part of the performance plenty of tasty fripp-o-tronic finger work. The speakers rippled in overload then in true isolationist form he just left the stage, his equipment continuing to play out to gradual fade out - he returned a while later to kill the transmission - I'd love to find out who he was (any ideas anyone?)

Postscript : Thanks Mantis Geisha for the information (see comments)

Big Nturals
Big Naturals - a serene picture but awesome sound.

Next up were the Big Naturals, who stoked up a real cacophony of sound that was blissfully sludgy, filled with lashings of distortion, screaming vocals and a punishing drumbeat. Projections of 70's information / safety films gave a strange counterpoint to the proceedings - also a bit of a nostalgic trip down memory lane for an old duffer like me. The keyboardist/vocalist gave a spirited guitar wipe-out, carving awesome shapes into an already rich sound you could really get lost in.

Circle - shifting sound and images

I was looking forward to the headliner – Circle and I wasn’t disappointed. To a great melodic base they added lots of extra ingredients. The sound shifted organically as the heady cocktail sped forward sometimes exploding without warning, all the songs seamlessly knitted together.

The musicians fed off their creation in trance like sways, while feeding the beast, infact the guitarist obliviously knocked the microphones over a couple of times in attempt to coax more from his instrument. When the lead vocals came in things began to really heat up, the otherworldly dialect of Finnish blending into or soaring across the music - slow chant to Shamanic yells – the bassist complimented the vocals with a Nordic baritone - this music lived up to all the hype. The psychedelic screen splintered in spectacular colour throughout, shapes morphed with obscene life like silk over a bowl of writhing maggots.

The musicians left the stage in the embers of a massive onslaught of sound - yells of appreciation filled the crowded theatre, and screams of more drove Circle back to the stage, where they delivered a rhythmic monster of a vibe that over time mutated into a double drum kit solo with Finnish chatter. The guitarist, frustrated by his instruments inactivity/malfunction moved to the keyboards, grasped for a rhythmic hook but failed to hold together anything solid and the band called it quits , probably worn out by the epic they had unleashed. They left the stage in thunderous applause and I was overcome by the need to purchase some of Circle's magick.




A few circle pics from the recent Cube show - full review later - basically it was a fantastic hallucinogenic experience in both audio and visual...

Friday, July 08, 2005

Half of Nurse With Wound to play in Bristol

The Cube have updated their programme of events and on Saturday 6th August - ARANOS + COLIN POTTER + STIMULUS will be appearing there - it promises to be a great night and only £6 too.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

(Review) Lisa Germano - Lullaby for Liquid Pig CD

As a follow on from the gorgeous 'Slide', Lullaby seems to be a natural progression - harnessing the fore mentioned album's stripped away aesthetics and tinting them even more with the self-loathing perspectives Lisa Germano has always brought to her music.

This album doesn't have the spiteful slant of 'Geek the Girl' apart from the short 'Liquid pig' maybe (where the effects of the past conjure up a real loss of control), but the lyrics to be found here are just as harrowing, but in a quiet, worrying way. How can somebody this beautiful be so f*cked up? Is anyone's guess,
( but i quess we are all a little like that) I suppose as long as she's writing songs, she has a vent for her pain. I certainly hope she'll continue to do so - if these lovely tracks are anything to go by.

Wounded by love too many times I suppose, cynical but prone to being ensnared - she writes very intimate lyrics that are thinly veiled by interesting metaphors. The honesty that she imparts along the way is admiral and I suspect that , if many of the lyrics on this album are to go by, she has an over reliance on alcohol when all her hopes tumble to the ground.

This bitter sweet pill is all wrapped up in music that feels (for the most part) like a room slowly removed of furniture, the ghosts of which recoil in the echo filled space and the post production work on this album is just superb, lots of creaky antique and haunting sounds that wallow in the emptiness like apparitions.

She's certainly sick of feeling the way she does as the lines on 'Pearls' state 'Hate will grow into blossoms of no' take you lower than low' but there are also some glimmers of light in all this melancholy like on 'Candy' or 'It's party time' where a welcomed drum beat stirs it up a bit and a lovely giddy rhythm that slides around it - really showing the flip side of the coin.

This album makes a quiet return in the most part for Miss Germano - if you are expecting another 'Geek the girl' you will be disappointed although glimmers of this heritage can be heard here and tease at a return to form, but what you gain from this album far out weighs any pre-conceptions.

A welcome return then for a artist that will always make exceptional music.

By Mr Autotistic

Organic Pleasures

In readiness for seeing 'Circle' , I fancied a bit of Kraut inspired grooviness and this recent release from the net label Menthe de Chat - 'Botanicos' hits the spot. Conceived by a super-group of sorts this album, in places, shares a similar musical path to that of Amon Duul2 (minus their corny lyrics) with it's deliciously hazy vibe. There's lots going on here, as you would expect from the amount of instruments involved and for an improv live recording it remains surprisingly consistent through-out. I'd love to see this group live...

Monday, July 04, 2005

Michigan's Finest for Free

His Name Is Alive's new ep 'Summer Bird' is available for download for FREE exclusively from their website, but only for a limited time. It sounds like they are back on form after their recent excursion into the blues, track one even sounds like Karin Oliver on vocals - goodie

Saturday, July 02, 2005

More Ambient Surprises

On a similar note from Ghost Reflection, this release by Finnish musician Jari Pitkanen is just lovely. Entitled ‘Conv Exp’, this mini-album is full of time lapsed sounds/voices that slowly expand within your head, I feel I need a private cathedral to experience these gorgeous sounds at their maximum potential.

Available as a free download from the netlabel MirakelMusik

Friday, July 01, 2005

Ghost Reflection

Ambient music just washes over me generally - which is what it's supposed to - right, but too often the experience becomes instantly forgettable. Long ceaseless drones have deeply meditative qualities but I find you often need a bit of variety to give your head tasty morsels while the body is blissfully slippin' through the ether. Well Nkai by Ghost Reflection on Fronha Records does just that. Deep dark and littered with debris this album makes for perfect head(phone) music. Doze off wrapped in the dark swirling waters of the Volga... pleasant dreams.