Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Robedoor and Pocahaunted – Mouth of Prayer CDR

This is an unusually mellow outing for Robedoor, the usual doom riddled atmospheres replaced with subtle stains or taints, a slowly transmutive drone to which Pocahaunted supply vocal tracings and layered guitar loops.

Guessing Robedoor are responsible for the general uneasiness that’s threaded through this single track, a bent mirror undercurrent, similar to that psychic nagging you used to get just before a cassette wobbled off into disrepair, slight distorted shapes, cymbal smears, rifts in the lullaby quality.

Lovely Native American drums supply a gentle impetus, a heartbeat definition through which the vocals fall, float apparitionally chasing their own tails wailing, whelping, wraithlike shapes that fade slowly out.

A beautiful sound that doesn’t over stretch itself during the disc’s 27 minutes and demonstrates an interesting division for Robedoor while furthering Pocahaunted’s ability to invoke the ghosts of the Sioux , Pawnee, Arapaho.

Available from or

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bat for Lashes

Monday 26th February @ Thekla Social, Bristol

This was the support act but unfortunately didn't catch the name, lovely acoustic action with delicate vocals

Bats for Lashes

Yes, the secrets out - I like Bat for Lashes. They’re maybe more commercial than the usual weird / psych / noise stuff I generally listen to, but there’s an interesting kookiness to their eclectic sound and I really dig those girly lyrics, sort of contented with a twist of fantasy.

When Mr Olivetti said he’d booked some tickets I was mildly curious as to how the band would pan out live. I imagined them to be a quiet, introverted lot with the odd nervous smile, but to my surprise they were excellently souped up soundwise, full of energy, with beaming smiles all round. They had a great rapour with the audience. Liked the way the four of them comfortably swapped instruments throughout the show, it reminded me of early ‘James’ before they discovered the baggy bandwagon.

Bats for Lashes

Anyways, their debut album was taken in sketch form, with the four of them replacing the studio polish for plenty of radiant live colour, in the form of heavy drums, churning guitars, woeful violins, handclaps (a much neglected instrument), and assorted jingley janglies. Their live working of ‘Sarah’ was particularly awesome, Natasha employed a thump stick, giving the song a punctured voodoo vibe, with nasty guitar etching a scuzzy crosshatch. A real sexy potion coupled with those deep vocals from the lovely Natasha and boy her voice was just superb.

Bats for Lashes

Bats for Lashes

On other tunes, the light military snare or a booming Gunter Grass bass drum were employed to great effect and with respect to the latter the instrument sometimes comically dwarfed the performer. The accompanying music box textures, and dulcimer shimmers (always a sucker for a bit of dulcimer) of the slushier tracks really sprinkled the fairy dust, they even started their set with a Nico cover, now cool is that!

Riding back through the streets of Bristol, the Bat for Lashes soundtrack suited the nocturnal landscape as silhouettes of prostitutes, shivered in the sulphurous glow of street lamps.

Bats for Lashes

Bats for Lashes

Bats for Lashes

Bats for Lashes

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Flower and Corsano Duo

@ The Cooler, Bristol
Friday 16th February

The support, Silver Stairs of Ketchikan, didn’t make an appearance stage wise, which was a pity as I was really looking forward to checking out this faction of the Thoughtforms collective and basking in that sensual vocal n shimmer, ah well hopefully I’ll catch them some time soon. After 2 hrs of sofa lounging and being hypnotised by the trippy gel projections stolen from some 60’s loft party, the main act finally graced that there stage.

Chris Corsano

Right from the offset all drum clichés vapourised in a thunderous torrent of crazy free-form action n flying drumsticks. A dazzling display of dexterity, in fact I’ve probably never seen a drum kit used in such an expressive way before, like painterly splatters of different textures / forces n delightfully strange shapes, just amazing to watch / experience.

Chris Corsano

Loved the way Mick Flower (vibracathedral orchestra) was throwing across this bed of de-tuned strings, letting Eastern flavours slip under / over, a shifting divan of repetition, creating a heavy dronescape that Corsano punctured, sort of thing that forced your body into gradually widening sways.

Chris Corsano and Mick Flower

Pretty continuous, the set varied from displays of power to more subtle workings, particularly when Corsano switched from percussion to blown piano. Back on the percussive side of things, loved Corsano’s use of hub caps, transforming them into Tibetan singing bowls, whilst producing secondary shivers with his hyperactive digits on the drum skins they were resting on, a lush and eerie surface reverberation that wrapped itself round Flowers mantra, like a genie escaping a bottle.

Flower's instrument looked Indian in origin, a combination of strings and valve like keys, laid on his knees, his bent body animated to every sound, hands frantically piling on the exotic textures.

Chris Corsano and Mick Flower

Chris Corsano

When the whole shebang ended, about an hour later, you just knew that the duo wouldn’t be able to muster an encore, so dripping in sweat they politely announced that the show was finished.

On the way out spied that Wolf Eyes will be playing here in April, and had a 'pinch me i must be dreaming' moment.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Robedoor - Greater Heresy

Dark magickal oscillations that work into you, sewing you up in a sinewy whine 'n' wail. Dronal landscapes full of scar tissue and the shadows of the eternally lost, oblivious to any salvation. Listening to Robedoor 'live' leaves me with an overriding urge to bask in that claustrophobic open wound of a sound first hand, but until then this CDr is a mighty fine substitute.

Robedoor - Live at Il Corral, Los Angeles 6-29-06 (dwld expired)

Available from those good people over at Tanz Procesz, 67mins of live action burnt into a suitably black disk - swweeeeet.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Era Of Technology

When Nurse With Wound recorded the tracks that went on Automating Volume 2 you have to think he was thinking of Brainticket's Celestial Ocean.

It's all there - the slightly slurred, TeutonoGong murmurs and weeps, the flicking, tumbling drumsounds, the oddly precise, pseudo-scientific narration, the electric arcs and buzzes, the shortwave radios, those sounds like a sheet metal man being dragged softly around the playground by his chums...

And while we're on the subject, does anyone else think that Automating Volume 2, a compilation album of odds and sods, actually sounds like one of the most coherent Nurse albums? I've only recently re-bought it on CD after the vinyl started to expire and, well, it holds really well together, with each track seeming to flow seamlessly into the next...

Anyway, this track could almost be a sequel to NWW's Human Human Human. Maybe it is. Enjoy.

Brainticket - Era Of Technology
A Yousendit IforgotI Invited *U* Presentation

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Inside Inzane Studios

Something a little bit special, straight from the cosy corners of Club Olson

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Just plain crazy

Been enjoying the Dennis Tyfus podcast for a couple of months now – love the way he milks the comic value of his broken Flemish and the way he randomly breaks into crazy throat singing at any given moment, even the conversation takes a bizarre n surreal life of it’s own. If you like your vibes on the weird side this is guaranteed to get yer saliva pooling at your feet, obscure gems a plenty. I recommend the Hair Police double feature, the Glam Pat n Sharkieface antics with the new two-parter being splendiferous too.

A Sonic Sanctuary

It looks like a great evening is to be had over at The Lamb, for anybody in the Trowbridge area. A quartet of mellow avantfolk forms and creeping psychedelic vibes from Ring, Cranium Pie, Don Bear and Garnett James. Should be a beautiful night, unfortunately i can't get a sitter (click on the poster for more info or go visit The sonic sanctuary). Lovely to see some original talent on offer rather than the usual cover-band shite that passes for entertainment these days.