Saturday, October 20, 2007

Two for today

Lovely enviro-composites from Braille

No more trains - Transit noise, beat transfer slide and vacuumed plunges picking at the mind. It’s an empty carriage journeying through the dark, your reflection a distorted Easter Island elongation mixed with stale coffee.

Sustain - Glitch flicker, machine hum, rain on brolly skin or tapping insect fingers in morse repetition, bringing to mind a minimal remix of Floyd’s ‘psychedelic breakfast’.

This Sickness – could have been penned by Coil - celestial bodies locked in slowly slipping layers, the betweens - gorgeous blurs of forgotten languages. Bellesque divergences and Sufi smears.

With Ian, the EP’s closing track, everything suddenly gets very tuneful, dawdling finger-picked bliss wrapped in a rotation of hazy reminiscences.

Cheapmachines - Convergence

There’s quite a lots of Cheapmachines stuff floating round the ever wonderful, some of which are live shows, but this recent album is an hypnotic beauty born from a studio setting.

It has that ritualistic emptiness, a power that makes you want to topple straight into black waters, a canvas that your mind expands to, participates with. The mist strewn fields, bodiless cows floating above viscous grey blankets of chiffon and the scarred sky - a track marked schism birthing the cold autumnal sun, all help encapsulate the sonic unfurlings here … an unhurried majesty of shifting electrons.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday, October 05, 2007

We’ve gone all MySpacial

In case you hadn’t noticed there are a few Ice Bird Spiral tunes up on our freshly minted myspace thingy for you to salivate over – one cut from our debut, the other work in progress...