Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Falling Stacks, MXLX, Line and The Jelas

Friday 27th January - The Cube, Bristol

A punky Fall / Wire fusion started the show... that bass, a thirsty animal grabbing at the heels of the angled guitar and scooping drums... aggressive sweeps and barking vocals... spears of sonic dissidence ripping through - a band whose sound aptly describes their name - The Falling Stacks... great stuff...

MXLX was next , another guise for Matt W's extensive musical demons... started by clicking a contact mic off his teeth,... squirreling the results away into the looper for later use... scraping it around his molars, piling up the layers in realtime, snap-shooting the overlays infinitum, grinding industrial tastes into the ears... strange dronic pulses slipping in, ice skating around... that threadbare hypotonic goo of synth... machine hum...a collusion of knitted pulses... pitch swivels... simply gorgeous , nothing outlasts it's welcome, things change quickly, intersperse at a mind whirling speed... that vocal grease-proofing rasp added a medieval / Islamic / Sufi spin, guessing there's some Latin in there somewhere ... The holy holy wrapping to the cowering dogs of noise n tangle underneath... more synthy substance thrown front stage, the blends are regal,exotic,ancient,the flow remarkably varied ... I could have happily listened to a whole evening of this, but the down turn in volume finally signalled the conclusion to the set...

(comes across far too mellow on this recording)

The middle band LINE were true sunshine givers with plenty of quirk... apparently featuring members of Soeza, who I have a couple of treasured CD's by ... they sounded like an optimistic Hood in places... jangle beaded bliss and super cute keyboards, even a bit of tuba in there too... a nice reparative build of ideas and interactions, acoustic/electric blends with a sublime invention creeping into the beat worthy fray, slightly folksy but not in a bad way...

The last band The Jelas were seriously fun , a threesome specialising in a noisy rock based mayhem, throwing out the energy like Vampire Weekend probably wished they could, a spastic joy of no wave clash-a-phonics that were totally addictive... a mangle of angles and seizured time keeping... their bandcamp page will give you some idea, but you've got to max the volume to truly get a flavour of their live persona...

In the bar Deej and Charlie were on the decks, metallic mascara and disco balls, they both plied some beautiful tunes throughout the evening... requested something off Tago Mago... and soon those Liebezeit drums were there filling me with undying love... fucking Hal-le-lu-wahhhhhhh... gorgeous...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tape Hiss Bliss

Ultra Bonbon's Tape Hiss Abyss has just been re-issued by Lava Church. If you need convincing grab an eyeful here.

Fireside Favourites


Thursday, January 26, 2012

We're In Heaven

Cruise Family have broken out of tape culture to go all vinyl on us... We're In Heaven it's called, released on Not Not Fun... i'm defo loving that retro 'Tron/Hitchhiker's guide' vibe to the arts, but to give you a flavour of what to expect soundwise here's a snippet from Stefan's last release Nachtbote...

Mothers Of The Third Reich

...seriously wonky in all the right ways

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Collision Detection v1 - Psychological Strategy Board

Marking the second project in a series of experimental collaborations from Front and Follow. This is like a Exquisite Corpse of sound where various artists were invited to submit audio clips to a central pot which in turn was randomly re-distributed 'lucky dip' style for each subsequent group to dabble with as they saw fit... The results promise to stretch across 2012 and beyond, encompassing known label mates like Doomed Bird and the amazing Sone Institute as well as exciting additions like Kemper Norton and Isnaj Dui.

From what I'm hearing though, the series is definitely off to a flying start with Collision/Detection v1. Jonny Mugwump of Exotic Pylon fame and Time Attendant's Paul Snowdon have taken their fragments and certainly ran with them... the resulting oddness, like a perfectly glued Airfix kit of sound that melts straight into your cranium.

'The Synthetic Profile' starts on a 23 Skidoo gamelan crawl full of pulsed penance, the sliding of torpedoes through rotting jellyfish heralding wobble board textures and diaphanous equations. That vaselined nail gun, spurting 'Frankie Says' orgasms, transforming into the hum n burr of tiny dynamos sucking at the air as the fader reveals a bleeping emergence on a lung pumped inflexion...

'Enharmonic Bow' is a bouncy elastane with Coil like shears... a sliver of tune running through an old projector... falling backwards ... a haunted air, marred in digital flecks... the flirtation, queasy full of half glimpses and triggers cavorting around a centrifugal Da Vinci mechanism. Headphones are a must

The third 'Internal Workings of a Noise Intoner', is a noisier endeavour, an octave climbing blow football match of bad tubing scalectrix jivver as a flatulent wasp smashes into rubber walls... the radius of collision rebounding in the ears like false memories... The last track settles for a straight drone affair, slipping on its own horizon, besmirched in a lustre of barely audible keyboarding... opening a gateway that doesn't seem to shut... here's to the next instalment...

Monday, January 23, 2012


wwrrssddrrwwss from the cryin' skull

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grenadilla Splinters

This is saintly dust, wheezen reeds and dripping tap drummage... ambulance ambience on the exhaust fumes of a whirring mind... absolute love and respect

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Perfect TEETH

Teen-beat are re-releasing Unrest's PERFECT TEETH, no cheap jewel case shenanigans mind, but a beautifully boxed collection of six coloured 7 inch records with extra tracks. Hats off to you Marky Robinson… it looks so lush… if I wasn’t so strapped I’d grab one off you…

Really loved this album back in the day, shit that was a long time ago must be 17 years, seems like yesterday... those poppy hooks and that jangled sizzle, grabbing the focus, simple songs full of mileage. Now Imperial FFRR will always stay with me as their greatest work, but this was genius of a different kind, surfing on the right side of commercial, that Simon Le Bon production guaranteeing true earworm deployment…

A true pinnacle of achievement and so f’ing danceable in places, it showed that indie music didn’t have to be miserable to be sincere.… even if I did do plenty of mopping to stylised ampersand... Pity it marked the last big release for the band, even though it did set the template for the equally amazing Air Miami. Quality!

Friday, January 20, 2012



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Daniel Vincent and Atay Ilgun - Fragments of Sound C40

Side one demonstrates some masterful guitar playing, deft, descriptive with plenty of colour between frets, spurring off on otherworldly twilights… Halfway through, this captivating narrative takes up a more occultist tone with creeping circles prowling a low lit amplitude… Gliding on some lovely glassy eyed synthetics, the guitar gradually letting the optimism in, the tone warming…. then finally drifting out on doubled layers, the crystallised strings caught in the falling of leaves.

In complete contrast, side two is a aquatic-lined burbling of submerged sounds … A sweeping bubble wand of multicoloured oceanics. A humming flange of dolphin rasp providing the bassline, as keystrokes give out the definition in 'close encounters' forages… Piano spans stretching, yarning, imbued in treble highlights and glittery refractions, bloating out in gaseous spirals, dimensionally diving to resurface in a shoal of piranha like metallics… The fade opens to more strung out atmospheres, celestial and drifty. A Northern Lights manatee of subtly changing hues and reverberated space. Sliding drone waves… swallowed on swollen ebbs, the outflows layering up on an enveloped heaviness that churns everything up nicely... The faint crackles of cosmos almost audible in those soft manta swirls and tentacled ear wraps… A satisfying journey’s end.

What a great first release for any label, as relaxing as it is intriguing, a delicate beauty full of raised contours, whose melodic eddies and fibrous flurries tap straight into your soothing pulse.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stig Noise VII - Stig Noise

This is an intense blast of Mariachi punk fusion, with its Miles Davis trumpet sputters and elastically wedged guitars… I haven’t heard this much energy since the Dog Faced Hermans back in 9O's… That Stig Noise brass section is just superb here, holds the mayhem together in tasty derailment… This is a real 'lay back and enjoy the ride' release, full of crazy angles and garbled trashcan vox. There’s a slight detour into cruel, tonal abuse on Family Chainsaw but the rest of the tracks are content, dishing out the serotonin with zing grin faces… the EP signing off (far too quickly) on a Pere Ubu Sub-Beefheartian deathslide of carpet burn goodness… I recommend you grab a copy today and wreck your living room trying to dance along...

Big Blood and the Wicked Hex

Loving that home recorded aesthetic. Nice blasts of room atmospheres, tape static and a slight tunnelling in fidelity give this release a gritty authenticity that studio albums often shamefully polish away… The opener, Run grabs you instantly, like some forgotten psych gem with its meaty bass proposition and incredible vocals… a strong authoritative voice akin to Catherine Ribeiro. A folksy saturation to which Jefferson A’s magical ‘White Rabbit’ sort of slips into comparison rather seamlessly…

The fun continues on the next track, the vocals going all deranged in the souped-up discord … Like a psychotic Kate Bush or Galas, hexing an arcane rant, drilling her words into your skull… I will love you, I will love you… like a real bunny boiler…

The next, gets a Spaghetti Western treatment. Vocals throwing themselves into the distance, the prairie twang and episodic bass combo sounding like something the late Roland S Howard would have produced, alive with a dusty Hungry Ghosts oeuvre... An Eartha Kitt diva vastness to the vox, coupled with a oomphed up drumming that sounds unmistakably like the heavy stamping of spurred feet.

The flip is just as good. A little kid's happy birthday song slips into accordion followed by operatic, Meredith Monk like vocals, all vowel spread and classical, multi-tracked in disorientating streams … Nice touches of bell and broken shells that build into a driven, boron like tumble, a heady mix of electronic bird calls and rattling percussion … vocals weaving their way through with a delightfully eerie wobble... The clapping at the end really takes you by surprise.

The last track creeps up on you with tiny tea-lights and bendy branched theremin. The pace is far slower than the other tracks, with the vocalist plumbing for a more restrained vibe, sometimes baked in the contoured periphery of reverb... A symbiotic shimmer of guitar accompanying it, the focus deteriorating then escalating, a spacey thread, well weaved ... like a 20's radio siren tied to a 'Twin Peaks' bass undulation and lightly wrought drums... her purrings... imbued with a slight Irish lilt... maybe there's a touch of Slapp Happy's Dagmar Krause in there too...

Boy, this is a real variety pack of goodness, oozing a bitter sweetness that on headphones has a secondry inflexion that sounds like a ghostly whirling, attempting to converse with you from outside itself...

Monday, January 09, 2012

Run Run Run

...can't get enough of this song right now... it's yelling me the pure love...

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Chatroom enhancing drugs

thee gods, back to the future the ride are giving away some lovely drones... just watching that throbbing gif and getting sucked in sonically... 2012 time benders