Stereocilia - Murmurations

Autotistika, Echoes throughout the caverns of Leytonstone, Dan Cooper and Tlön - 16th November 2013 Cafe Kino Bristol


Fag Studios Weekender - Malcolm Julian Swan, Salope, Joined by Wire, Blackhoods

Nocturnal Industry - Microdeform

Germseed - Postcards from the Isle of the Dead (Part One)


Night Sky Eye

That Fucking Tank, Russian Blue and Infrared Bear

Hideous people, Panzer Panzees, Tim Hurford and Twin

Long Division with Remainders present: Collision / Detection

The Wet Black Poodle Transforms - Ludo Mich, Syed Kamran Ali and Pascal Nichols

Deej Dhariwal - Still Connecting

C13 - The Cameron Remixes

The Cosmic Dead, Anthroprophh, Uiutna and Olanza

Happy Untergang

Millions Will Starve by Raven

Daevid Allen and Mark Robson

Collision / Detection v9 - Sone Institute

Hare Akedod 005 - Gripgevest and Kling

Plurals, Stereocilia and Tidal