Monday, April 25, 2005

Experimental Sounds from Chile

picture taken from Cumshots website

Let me introduce the delightfully named CumShots from Chile, as they state on their about us page - we are not a porn site...but a MP3/Cdr label situated in
Santiago. They focus on industrial, noise, and strange music with a sometime slant towards the lo-fi spectrum of the audio scale.

They have an extensive back catalogue of releases: HRÖNIR of Fronha Records fame present two fine slices of electro-acoustic mayhem, CHESHIRE'S CAT give an interesting excursion in noise, HOMUNCULO give bizarre samples of TV that leave you dazed and COLEOPTERO mix Latin-ish rhythms and post industrial percussion delivered with a pinch of Cageian (not sure about the spelling) humour..

I really would like to hear more from COLEOPTERO - they seem to have a lot of interesting and varied ideas when it comes to messin' with sound, the final track from their album being a good example of their musical flexibility. But I’m only scraping the surface as the ASA DE LIPPES - ALITERACIONES is a mighty fine album too, taking up the game where Coleoptero left off.

Best dedicating a day or two to this site - rich vibes are to be had.

A Beautiful Machine - Solar Winds, White Noise, Antigravity

Superb guitar sounds that vibrate with passion and soar skywards in blazing sunshine, downloadable from those beautiful people at Embryo.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Santa Inferno: Wonderland of Smut

Haven't checked out the rest of the recordings at, but this one is a pure pop/indie masterpiece in a similar vein to the stuff that appears on the eclectic US Teenbeat label. A treasure house of groovy songs, this album mostly orbits that giddy planet we call LOVE so don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing along…

lone fish in a constellation of crumbs

lone fish in a constellation of crumbs
My first dishwasher abstract - lone fish in a constellation of crumbs.
Originally uploaded by CloudBoy.


If anybody out there misses the mighty Godflesh here is a treat or two for you from the sludgecore band Halo over at the fore mentioned netlabel embryo.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Circle Of Lebanon - Circle Of Lebanon

Named after, I guess, the same Circle of Lebanon of Highgate cemetery in London and all that occultist stuff that somewhere that old attracts, it’s probably no coincidence but this release has a true psychic quality, the D.I.Y. sonics employed resonate with a strange unearthly vibe that is deeply affecting.

The only information about this release seems to be the tools or junkyard instruments used to create this wonderful collection of tracks the rest is left to your imagination. Well don't take my word for it, see what you think. I had a bit of difficulty downloading it from their net label Embryo (lots of other great mp3 releases here as well, but more on these a little later) so the best bet is over at .

There are also a few thousand more releases, here, from other bands that show just as much promise...I have a feeling this release is just the tip of a very big iceberg.

A big thank you to Rafael Marquee for mentioning my recent blog creation on his Brazilian site ( written in Portuguese ). Any non-portuguese readers can have fun with google's translation service.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Goodbye Toulouse - Urbe, EP

From the small portuguese netlabel at, comes this lovely ep - guitars, noise, emotive vocals and lots of interesting ideas. Click here for the dwld page.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Noise and the city

The French netlabel autres directions in music present a fascinating collection of sound art/ electronica derived from city sounds. This 2 disc set is not only available as a free MP3 download complete with printable artwork, but also has an option to buy - for as little as 14 euros. ( mmm, I'll be getting myself a copy especially if the double vinyl is still available). Most of the artists invovled are new to me but it's the quality of the music that really strikes you, no harsh feedback unlistenable cop-outs here just creative input all the way and it soon becomes obvious that almost anything can be rhythmic.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

2 Daughters - Gloria / Kiss the Cloth as MP3 download

It's not often you get a NWW ( Nurse with Wound) related release as a free mp3 download, but the electroacoustic people at have done just that.

Orginally released on a off-shoot of the United Dairies label 2 Daughters - 'Gloria / Kiss the Cloth' is a classic slice of 80s expermentalism - all the tracks are untitled so you can give our own labels to your favourites. I like the 'hurricane song' especially with its lyrical twisting and ethnic percussion. Click here to download the whole album.

Be warned you audio purists, these files have been ripped from the original vinyl so there is a bit of mild surface noise that accompanies the release,but nothing to distract too much from the quality of the music.


Friday, April 15, 2005

Great new sounds from Fronha

After a bit of downtime the Fronha website is back in business with 3 new MP3 offerings for 2005:
Junkers - I Was Thinking to Kill You, Bedoze - Presente de Paola II , and some live sounds from the Fronha Coletiva recorded back in 2004 at Brazil's Eletronika Festival. Click here for the goodies.

If you like your music experimental you're sure to be entertained...

Coil ...and the ambulance died in his arms - CD review

'I take a sip from a cup of Mercury' - Jhonn Balance

The album starts after a short electronic intro of rhythmic strands filled with nocturnal clicks and mandible chatter, then the audience cheers. Awash in the proceeding ambient glow, Balance's vocal moans break through with the sonic backing bending to his vocalisations. Digital debris fills the sky, tiny bell sounds give a spiritual theme as the song 'Snow falls over military temples' appears out of the musical miasma - I would have loved to see this performed live - delicate vocals surrounded by swelling sounds.

As an album it is constantly in flux somewhere between improvised and the pre-determined, like all the best Coil performances. Soundscapes drift abstractly along until the lyrics draw the focus with their blurry, lingered nature melding mimetically to the whole. Most of the lyrics here are expanded in shuffled repetition to create a set of gentle songs, that for the most part have a strong anti-war flavour - a topical (at the time) protest at the invasion of Iraq perhaps?

'Slip in the Marylebone Road' with it's hypnotic draw is a favourite of mine - the undulating quality of the sound that moves through Balance's words gives extra emphasis to the tale that's being spun. I like the way the ordinary loss of a notebook becomes a gateway to another dimension. The fragments of Thai (I guess) and ethnic chanting adds to the experience.

‘Triple sons’ is a real gem of a song - that will hopefully find itself on the final Coil album 'The Ape of Naples' (fingers crossed). The glycerine quality of the sound envelops, the melodic tune a mirror calm ocean in slight ripple,the vocals a reflection skating across the surface, and the lines 'I swallow the one yew berry' transforming into 'I swallow the one's you bury' is just pure poetry, simple but very effecting.

The last track is a re-working of 'The Dreamer is Still Asleep' from the album 'Musick to Play in the Dark Volume One' with a new ‘somnambulist in an ambulance’ introduction that has a 'Sufi' like quality in its repetitiveness. The tempo of the song is reduced to a skeletal pulse, the lyrics interspersed with fresh ones and all under pinned by an attractive rhythmic hook floating on a statically charged backdrop.

But that was Coil for you, always surprising, with a need to express, that was consistently matched by their creative outpourings onstage or in the studio - they will be sorely missed.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


listening - Originally uploaded by CloudBoy.
'a slip in the marylebone road' by coil these colours flow beautifully with the music

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Coil release ATP Live disc

...and the ambulance died in his arms is a limited edition CD of their All Tomorrows Parties appearance some time back (April 2003). This CD marks the first release since Jhonn Balance's death (November 13th 2004) and makes for excellent listening especially if you couldn't afford the £500 entrance fee ... full review later. The cd is available from Rough Trade at a very reasonable price - but the exact limited nature of the release isn't stated.

The Amal Gamal Ensemble and Grok - at the Cube Bristol - 18th March 2005

The Cube is one of the best kept secrets in the South West - it is constantly able to serve up an alterative to the standard pulp that passes as gigs nowadays and the quality and extent of its radar is just outstanding! In recent years, as well as mad avant-garde local talent they’ve pulled in the big names like Devendra Banhart, Sunburned Hand of Man, Jackie 0, Hood, Richard H Kirk, Cranes and what’s more amazing each show costs under a tenner and tonight was no exception.

First up for the evening was GROK, the duo presented us with a decent stab of 'Kraut' inspired electronic modulations. Their set though somewhat clichéd in places was off set by a film by the great Warner Herzog. Images were distorted in desert heat as floating drones intersected rippling psychedelics, Personally , I felt the sound could have benefited from more dynamics especially when the sun baked corpses of animals filled the screen, but overall they supplied an excellent taster of things to come.

The main attraction that night was the Amal Gamal Ensemble who's members included Stephen Thrower - occasional member of Coil and full time member of Cyclobe, and Dave Knight of Arkkon / Shockheaded Peters plus two other unfamiliar faces.

Dave Knight had an array of effects boxes daisy-chained before him and Mr Thrower had an intriguing collection of audio technology grafted to his keyboards which when combined with the other Korg user and Guitarist/electronic mixer guys gave a full on sound.

Another Herzog film was projected behind them, this time his visual testimony to the Kuwait Gulf War of 1990 and its brutal aftermath on the landscape; this was just jaw-droppingly spectacular with the majority of the footage shot from the air. The familiar became alien washed in dust and the oil's reflective light, collapsed refineries became like draped cloth, and the horizon became a great lake of crude oil broken by white transit routes and sinister shapes of ruin. The whole scale was huge and the sky as the camera reached the flaming wellheads was filled with choking black cloud.

The Ensemble proceeded with two short bursts of audio alchemy but was well into the swing of things by the third piece of their set, which eclipsed the previous two in both duration and intensity. The film diverted into a queasy trip through an abandoned torture chamber at one point – as the camera panned across the torture apparatus it was reflected in the clank of the ensemble, drill like murmurs and bursts of electronics that flowed around us. Crisp and ephemeral notes enfolded as a burnt out manual of instruction eerily flaked in the breeze, the absence of victims, making the traces of blood on the implements all the more profound.

The sculptural quality of the onscreen images added to the amorphous cacophony, long Godflesh like chords could be heard underneath the electronics, programmed beats descended into the heavy drones and vo-corded transmissions broke into beads of static. The scenes of man-made disaster were as unrelenting as the sound, as the camera traversed the scarred landscape of Kuwait plumbs of smoke and flame spouted from the musicians' silhouettes - this was a truly a soundtrack to the apocalypse.

As Fire-fighters grappled with the abnormality of their task on screen the musicians were locked over their individual instruments prising out the squealing tones and concentrating on keeping the sound from collapse their busy hands all over the keyboards but collapse it did in slow motion , Knight’s guitar work ceased and the droning keyboards faded slowly to enraptured applause.

Most electronic music is dull in comparison.