Thursday, February 25, 2010

Balsamic Atoll

The 667th Post...

Aleister Crowley from Life Magazine...

More devilled eggs here.

Ra Ra Rasputin etc.


Current 93 - I have a Special Plan for this World

Skinny Puppy - Hexonexxxon

C'mon, you remember Skinny Puppy. Rabies? Great album...

Both sourced/stolen from here

For all your unsettling upright horse picture needs.

Please wash your hands after reading this post. Happy belated 666th Cloudboy...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kassette Kulture #29 - Ultra Bonbon - Tape Hiss Abyss

This new release from Ultra Bonbon is superbly dystopian…

The submerged scenes from Argento’s Inferno come to mind, as those eerie tints lap your ears... filthy bubbles escaping from a haunted music box reparation. Sediment swirls full of vaporous apparitions and sepia distortions. The sound of Manatee telekinesis, bred in detached gravities…. atmospheres a certain Mr. Stapleton would be proud of.

In contrast to the wet sounds of side one, the reverse play is more parched, elastic … Amp climaxes, forced down narrow corridors… peeling walls full of Karloff gazes. This lush Heathen Earth type cornet skulking in the darkness, like the ghosting of vocals smothered under porous bandages. The flanged edges, the drooling of salivas over stainless steel and tile, as clubbed footfalls or muffled heartbeats are caught in the chilling suck of hospital respirators…

This is beautiful stuff that oozes a psyched disquiet through both its art and music...

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sone Institute - Curious Memories

This is an intriguing collection of sound horded moments, omni-chord colour, full of subverted rhythms and machine skylights, bleeding away on checker board effects and inventive colour…proper late night material, especially in the latter half of the album, where the kicks are smoothed out into dreamier concoctions.

The album opens on a short slip-footed shuffle, with samples thrown into the gaps, coming across like a Moroccan shanty, cut-up, filled with electronic gooiness and rain drops on concrete. Suddenly, everything explodes on a dust cloud of Funkadelics… 70’s cop show action and solo guitar basketry, other snippets puncturing, coming in and out with a giddy logic… horns heralding the switch…Hand claps … vivid with 40’s cartoon interludes, chopped up and reshuffled.

Dark Forest - Sliver Sea has Stephen Hawkins catching the hic-cups... ‘say bops’ in melting guitar and delayed female murmurings, Going all tree-top piano, canoeing those tambourines across a glitched surface glare, alive with diaphanous insects… Looping out a warm glow under the vocal scramble of train terminals caught on bird shapes. Light pings and gulls, geese throwing out distant v’s...

Tinfoil beats on Hobby Horse are full of 80's sci-fi traction ... dipping atmospheres and slapped percussion creating ever eager outcomes, itchy beats becoming splashy, the odd orchestral gilded hiss, click and speeding lick. Clingfilm sliverfish getting all slippery and acrobatic.

By the Plane Sailing Song, the pace mellows on airy exhales, the reminder of the album blurring out on a scrapbook of orchestral rainbows and zapped nostalgia, lounge with a hint of the National Geographic about it. An Aladdin's cave of optimistic and strange tasting combinations with mild lustres of genius that headphones were invented for... space wobbles dusted on country dopplers, snatches of tune, jigsawed in effervescent fancy...

Curious Memories has a stellar, drift away vibe, that melts in your semi-circular canals like butter on hot corn... slight touches of unease creeping round the hedgerow... keeping everything from slipping into sentimental ambience.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pulverised Pilgrim

Punch yourselves some eye holes and step into Arklight’s sound world. Early guitar juju from those prolific NY boys…

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two Golden Microphones

as cover versions go, this is pure eelectricity

disadvantaged volume

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Loves Secret Domain - Golden Ghost with Viking Moses, Doozer, George Thomas and the Owls, Mountians of Jesus, Kek-w Orchestra Intangible 73, MV & EE

Sunday 14th Feb - The Cube Cinema, Bristol

MV + EE were a lot more metallic than when I last caught them, under the eaves of the Wyrd Barn… plenty of swerving guitar chases and Hendrix underscores, colour you could swim in… That burning banjo / tarang showdown giving you a good shakin… A fragment of the film backdrop, looking doglike, jaw's transformed into falling feather limbs…The Doozer suppling some beautiful harmonica at one point.

Earlier on, The Doozer was spinning out all Syd Barrett-esque, sixties counter-culture…then Mick Flower and Matt Valentine joined in, churning it up into a Tower Recordings low-down that left your lips struggling for the right syllables…

Bricky stole the first half of Mountains of Jesus' set, thrashing and wah wah flooring the guitar, scorched earth stylee - leaving Charlie’s cello full of faint ley lines, the balance later redressed as she supplied light guitar strokes and hushed vocals to Matt’s scatter cake drumming …Navaho shadings over a gentle fx soup.

Kidshirt's set was seventies nostalgia gone all erroneous and mildewed… Nice to see obsessions so vividly expressed... Kek and his wife sporting some semi-creepy/comical sack cloth head-wares, an endless parade of spooked visuals curdling behind them… The music, psycho-smears a plenty with a few broken dub beats falling out drunkenly, sending my head all wobbly plastic Buddha. Paul's head slumped at right angles suitably comatosed by it all. Caught Chris (Kek’s Wife) on the way out, she reassured me that he was taking her somewhere REALLY REALLY special next year…

Other highlights were of the singer/songwriter vein, something I love but have difficultly writing about, especially when they give me so many sketchbook cravings... pity the Family Elan couldn't make it...

...Another great night from the Qu-junktions posse, one of stick on monsters and rambling wordy cuffs… rib tickles, tuna sandwiches that tasted like cucumber… and a jangly pocket given over to Haiti.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Xulsigiae, Don Bear, Triptik, Team Brick and Blue Sabbath Black Fiji

Sonic Sanctuary - Thursday 4th Feb - The Croft Bristol

Xulsigiae's set was a grungy pleasure, even if I missed a massive chunk, Dsic spewing out the sonic dentistry, the guitarist cutting out Arto comparisons, mopping up the fuzzy edges with his fret candy and a drummer knocking the shit out of his kit - a totally head on vibe... relentless right up to the frazzled end.

Following on from the above, Don Bear were the rawest I've ever seen them, the guitar sounding like falling icecaps, the keypads packed with broken intrigues full of Natures Mortes disaffection. The creeping narcotic of the 'monster was sung to', all sodium soaked dispositions and stark landscaping... Their debut album is definitely heading for a write up very soon.

In the bar, Ginsberg was being recited to fractured jazz angles, holy, holy junk...

Team Brick dazzled... leaping from lunatic vox to a hairy pie of circuit bends and sine singe... like listening to 14 album's worth of great ideas, as inspiration was crank-handled into view only to disperse into equally tasty shapings... a bewildering array of textures, taper tongued or bloated out on crunchy valve squelch... saxophone leaking into the low ebb of feedback, really quiet keystrokes and whispering biscuit wares contrasting nicely with the ear scorpions...

Back in the bar, electro-acoustic slivers replaced the poetry... the double bass, all maimed scrapings and the brassware stuck up with phlegm-a-goric canker . All manner of refuse laid out on the table, interconnected by a labyrinth of springs and contact mic(s)... Stockhausen with a circle of bleached hair supplying the cerebral glue for the other instruments. It's a pity Paul couldn't make it as this sort of thing really floats his boat...

Back in the band room, BlueSabbath/BlackFiji launched straight into it, howling over a tape player of mangled machine parts, a bombardment of gtrs and daisy chained fx's that poured out the brightest and most infectious of energies...

the beats upping the ante, filling your head with too many perspectives, everything going mental, like a mutant techno, filled with evangelistic sun scream and raw data... giving winter chills a good kicking.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Sonic Sanc Rules

...saw this dynamite crunching duo over in brizzol the other night... plenty of word pileups and splattered colours on their way... meanwhile check out this great BSBF compilation (if you haven't already).