Thursday, January 29, 2009

Menschenfleisch, Emeralds and Pain Jerk

Tuesday 27th Jan - The Croft, Bristol

Menschenfleisch were brilliant… combining the talents of both Greg from Dsic and Anton Maiof of Geisha / DTV fame… They spewed out some tasty full-on noise, caked in lots of strange textural candy / scribble. Anton making Nosferatu shapes, whilst screaming into his homebrewed devices, Dsic scattering broken blossoms, twisting those values as if they were nipple clamps, his vocals, a half drowned slur in all that scrrrreeching …the sort of noise that never settles for a dull monochrome, that’s continually churned round mulling over it’s next attack... working the anticipation.

Emeralds, in total contrast, were a tranquilised moog and improvised guitar cocktail, gentle vibes to sit cross legged and mellow out to… They’re probably sick of the Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh comparisons, but their sounds just oozed that spider’s web of drifting vibes, bubbling textures and strung out evaporations. Deej said it reminded him of something vaguely John Carpenter like, and I had to agree, that synthy landscaping was very filmic...

Pain Jerk started off a bit disappointingly, the sound, too over saturated for anything to really breathe... but after a while it all flowed nicely into a brutalised beat autopsy that sent out those ‘swaying along’ vibes. His arms were suitably veiny, as he cut it all up switchblade stylee, throwing out lattice worked filters that hands just had to follow in contracted spans. I really wanted that wash board / spring contraption of his to sing more though and briefly it did in an ugly scar of reverbed echo… we listened to him on the way back, keeping time with the wiper swipes, his pressure cooker vibes shaking the car.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I feel privileged to be one of the four people to have heard Paul’s latest masterpiece…

sun o))) will definitely have to up their ante in the wake of this...
and it's sure to sneak into an Ice Bird Spiral show or two.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Totally Dad - Video for the Snake

This is a fun spin… part comic / part genius… possessing that serious/tongue in cheek rosette the Thinking Feller Union Local used to champion (and probably still do)... musicians with a need to do something different with all the nagging musicianship...

The first track Miami Beach Futuri sets the scene with a mad n crumpled percussion, like somebody trying to play guitar with a saucepan … forced under a crazy little keyboard oscillation, or is that a medieval yazoo workout? – A really groovy number, full of malleable shapes…

The painted plate is a more contemplative slice of the Dad experience, a guitar cruise with the odd spanner in the fretwork… those detuned potions seeming to compliment, almost soften, all that django fingerwork … nice split stereo technique too, giving out a conversation-like vibe.

Camel coat is a great finger tapping tune, a jolly guitar gait scurrying round on a bendy blues washboard with secondaries keeping the time, allowing for some miniature explorations with a dusty glint of those Bagpuss mice…

Total Dad Ft. Dark Nest is a trailing drum n bassed pancake, with guitar and cymbal highlights dribbling down the sides, inevitably stealing the slippery limelight.

For The Neighbors 2, the album is suddenly plunged into silence. Cranking up the volume, barely audible jazz flickers and piano clanks work themselves through the speaker’s diaphragm… Cagian preparings that gradually become loud enough to hear, only to be whipped clean away in a Clangers’ style guitar attack of Nothing Hurts. An angled assault in true jazz butchered mode, flurries of spiked excitement saturated in different guitar textures /flavours… electroplated, clean, warbling… almost as if cocking a hat to Arto’s no-wave anarchy.

Next up is Donis, a little keyboard interlude with sparky strings which launches the polka dotted Grape Kite, the guitar kicked-drum coda staggering around to keep it’s balance… a ludicrous jelly wobble of garbled and reversed scribble tubes… space invader circuits … slowing down to cymbal clashes, then speeding up into some fleeting picturesque contours… All leading you into a free rock freak finale that Gang Wizard would be proud to call their own…

Collapsing Astral Spheres - Joey Chainsaw

Textures here are exquisite, as if stolen from an alternate universe, common instruments like keyboard or guitar are baked in an arcane detachment, enhanced by the lo-fi dicto-phonics and soupy effects … strange sub-currents that are kitten mauled, pock marked in saliva and teeth ,or screaming from under a winter coat of dead insects. This is real psychical mu-sick the likes of which Neubaten would have still been creating if Blixa wasn’t so smitten by the melodic… the stuff that implants your brain down fetid tunnels, or traps you in a darkened basement, getting your imagination to prey on itself. Anxiety baited and wide eyed, your breath reduced to a frost soaked spiral of dread - Noise music that embodies a strong psychic connection, making art-forms from your neurosis … something to collapse into, or be buried by. Available soon over at disappearance records.


Oh I just luv noisy toys that require zero musicianship, I wept when the kids farm counting machine got trashed a few years back… that bestiary of barks, moo’s n stuff was insane, especially that raspy kitten on zapped batteries… still scouring the charity shops for a replacement… meanwhile this baby will have to do… sounds marvellous dragged through an fx hedge, like a zombified guitar n keyboard medley … all wrong, but strangely right.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Somebody's Gotta Lose - Fossils from the Sun

Frazzled edged guitar full of slow burning horizons, frayed and fuzzy riffs mutating... Slow evolutions coming across like a piper’s lament, but with more friction / swooping ...burring in sustain, like wire skyscrapers wavering round a puppet master's hands... Gathering and nitric, marvellous stuff that glows with an energy you can literally taste with your eyes...

Suddenly, a whooping cough is pulled across, looped/warbled, becoming vocal barrels rolling down the distant cobbles... then 10-11mins in, it’s cut to muted electro-acoustic two stroke riddled in fx diversions. This is gathered into vocals that are thrown across in successive echoes, falling about in delayed shadow fights. A delirium, full of warped signatures and sticky botox leakage. Delicious shivers sliding between dimensions, then settling for this one with a gentle humming.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mouthful of Ghosts - Stefan Kushima / Joey Chainsaw

Mouthful of Ghosts - Stefan Kushima / Joey Chainsaw

Joey’s disc is three tracks of Dr Phibes in a hall of broken mirrors… keyboard warbles shivering out on their shattered reflections, Gnostic groans following along the over saturated trails, everything tipping out over the edges of reason, digging beyond words…the organ’s teeth gnawing at the edges of the sound, trying to escape its confines. The last track is definitely the best; most haunted number… alien vox, pin cushioned by the dread of church organ manoeuvres. A funeral for the soul, shimmering through on a lo-fi half-life… surreal noise moments that throw a chill over your bones…

Kushima’s disc is one epic number… a one cord death wish funnel of vibrating hell… and growing beat. The texture’s here really excite, shavings of something almost ethnic replaced with shrill clashes and grinding surfaces… mutant vocals that rise ablaze, phoenix-like, over police siren nose dives and whistling pulses… everything sounds fucked, but manages to forge something deliciously avant-Scottish out of the mixture… an asthmatic bag-pipe chorus that’s pure celebration…

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pini Pini

Listening to Rajinder’s tantalizing cover of Pini Pini got me nostalgic enough to play my 12 inch again… it still sounds gooood (puts on his best Jamaican accent)…'Pini Pini mi dear, Pini Pini mi love'… and that trademark Arto guitar mangle… oh yeah... I tell yr, nothing can compare to the sizzle that blurs on through, when suddenly, in amongst piles of absolute crap you find that one gem... I was skipping outa the shop, with a coat-hanger smile after I found this at the local charity shop a few years back - in comparison, eBay’s just shopping at a supermarket...

Ho Ho Ho

My favourite cup dropped out of the cupboard today and developed a stupid grin, (a Nietzsche novella looks on in disdain)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rajinder Singh

Friday 9th Jan - The Victoria Swindon

Betty Boo


I’m acupunctured in needle work guitar and trembling church bells. The drum sticks are wedged between the frets, and the notes are chiming like strangled birdsong, all tremolo bent. Those echoes are knitting nicely together, I’m hearing voices in the sway, the type you can almost see out of the corner of your eye, the over wrought structure awash in eerie coloured washes and flashes of beautiful debris.

Ohhhh, those drums are reverbed to death, forcing out a trampoline-like militia that slowly curdles on the rebound, playing tag team with the long-wave radio wasps. A swarm of monkey skulls are chattering in the curving spectres of feedback as submerged vocals become just another texture… the hands in my head are in Summers Isle worship, the folksy, exchanged for taut metal… sharp, teethy and caged…delicious shapes melting on reflections. Later, numb guitar stripes are thrown out on a loop, endlessly puncturing a snappy vox, ranting into jello freefall, each book-ended by a chorus of crazy guitar angles, scribbled wounds to the repartition... the light show all Lynchian ... Bizarrely enough, this track turned out to be a cover of an Arto Lindsay tune – cool is too humble a word...


Eeking out extra distortion, Rajinder fell into the speaker, squeals cut across the density in ugly patchworks… then the guitar cable fell out, ‘it’s not over yet” he yelled out over the applause, but the sound wasn’t showing any sign of returning, so the guitar was slammed to the floor in disgust… 'Well it is now!!!'…

Couldn’t have had a better ending…

I’d recommend you get down to Riff’s Bar on the 21st Jan if you want to experience this for yourself, or failing that catch him in the big smoke a few months later…

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Garnett James - Protect and Survive

More stripped down, skeletal, than the folktronics found on his free dwld over at LastFM, Protect and Survive is a far looser, more abstract experience. Recorded live at the Cube way back in 2003, it still sounds freshly pressed, leaping around, teasing out it's own vocabulary in wobbling milk bottles, skating envelopes and other digital dug-outs. Glitch-onically wholesome stuff that has a whiff of factory ambiance about it… All the differing textures rubbing up against each other nicely, keeping your attention right across the albums 67 mins, the space filled with flights of fancy (sometimes frustratingly fleeting), concentrated pulses and the occasional sink hole of pixel-headed whirl… Absolutely loving all those mechanoidal clippings going on here, coupled with those acid etched scampers and slip-tone tap-dancings on teeny triangles, makes this a truly visual treat… sound twisted outa shape, in pure audio autopsy stylee…Those shadow boxing pile-ups are also fun, not to mention the brief Stephen Hawkins/piano interlude… I secretly hope that some of these strange sounds were derived from the Avon Rubber PLC factory floor, I really do… micro-cosmic moonshine.

Monday, January 05, 2009

People Meat

News just in... Bristol Noisemeister Dsic is joining forces with electronics maverick Anton Maiof to warm up the Croft crowd at the Emeralds / Pain Jerk show on the 27th of this month. All you noise luvvers shouldn’t miss this one… howling machines filed under the moniker of Menschenfleisch … guaranteed to be life-affirmingly seismic