Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Maina - Love them, Hate Them

The vocals really make this release, throwing words as potent conveyors to a structure supported by skeletal electronics that erupt along a frighteningly pleasing and spacious melody.

In some places glitchy, the tunes are fractured enough to evade predictability with their continuity cut sharply into focus - trimmed to the bone.

The vocals evaporate towards the end of the album replaced by technological debris that washes over you in an itchy broken pulse of a beat. Only faint echoes of 'Come On' can be heard slipping under the distant waves as you are compelled to play it all again.

Favourite track: Love them, Hate Them

Available free from TestTube

Monday, June 26, 2006

Great Covers - Part 3

Desperate Straights - Slapp Happy / Henry Cow

Desperate Straights - Slapp Happy / Henry Cow (Inside)

Desperate Straights - Slapp Happy / Henry Cow (1975)
The rich lithographic artwork and spidery handwriting hints of the strangeness waiting within.

Devastate to Liberate - Various
Devastate to Liberate - Various (1985)
A bit of a diversion for Stapleton's general artwork sensibilities opting for a simple typographic list of the bands involved. The ‘camo’ colours forming an Anarchy symbol slap bang in the centre - a mission of intent for this animal liberation benefit album.

Pop Eyes - Danielle Dax
Pop Eyes - Danielle Dax (1985)
Lovely bit of photo-montage this, as all her covers were. Vaguely reminiscent of Alien with its Giger connection in the vein work - the sort of album that cries ‘I’m interesting, buy me!’ and not a smidgen of disappointment in all these years.

The Culling is Coming - 23 Skidoo

The Culling is Coming - 23 Skidoo (1988)
A monolithic gong in an abyss of black, where the screaming sounds of the abattoir mix with gamelan Zen - documenting a one off 'Skidoo' sound-world that was sadly never to be repeated.

Daedalus – The Grief

Daedalus – The Grief (1991)
The cover captures the sub-terrain essence of an album recorded deep within the earth - for this Grief and Ken Thomas collaboration.

Lush - Spooky
Spooky - Lush (1992)
Luv to sit back and watch this glisten with its pearlescent inks and economic graphics. When it came to record covers Vaughan O sure excelled.

Soliloquy For Lilith - Nurse with Wound

Soliloquy For Lilith - Nurse with Wound 2CD (1993)
The apocalyptic Ernst artwork and its graphite sheen really captures the slow unfolding nature of this all-time classic Nurse release (for me at least). One of Stapleton's landmarks in sonic experimentation, disk two still freaks me out even now.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Why's my house not rainbow coloured...?

My House
...don't know son

by Cloudboy Junior

Glue those wings and remain motionless

Cloudboy Studios

Roots nagging my steps

...tree speech in plastic bags – a murmuring narration twisting, insinuating into consciousness like a syrupy dagger - Slow slow slowly does it.

Sparkling reflective with palm stretched as if offering something vaguely familiar, yet the body is all sluggish fireworks that melt in the outline of shadow...

Like tightening circles, jittery prose or faint whispers scratched into bark.

An essence of something but nothing comes to mind...

Organum - Birds Wings Were Glued To Their Bodies And Their Feet Froze to The Ground

Phallus Dei

Amon Duul
A little bit of car boot magic for yer...
and not a scratch in sight (best quid I've ever spent)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing - Sepia Hours

Making Something Leads to Nothing - Sepia Hours

Beatismurder have a new release from Sepia Hours, who has been populating a lot of other netlabels with his particular brand of post-rock / indietronica for the best part of 3 years now. Sepia Hours is such a great description for his late night / rainy day sobriety. His blurry low key vocals wander through some interesting soundscapes created from gently slipping amalgams of guitar lines, splintered minimalism and the odd unexpected sonic detour. Beautiful stuff, like a rain soaked window reflecting a fragile half emptiness... where bruised feelings and defeat make us more human, vulnerable and alive...

Favourite track: Dazzling, dazzling, dazzling.mp3

Sunday, June 18, 2006

More Nurse in the US

Nurse with Wound
originally uploaded to Flickr by lonesome cowgirl.
(thanks for the permission to use)

...and some moving images at youtube

NWW in the US

Nurse With Wound
Nurse With Wound
originally uploaded to flickr by Corbie.(thanks for letting me blog them)
and some more from lonesome cowgirl (love those crazy masks)...


With a HNAS sensibility for chopped up sound it's my pleasure to introduce Zoogoo

Inside a mouth.mp3

It brings a tear to the eye

It might be a load of made-up bunk (an excuse to sell us even more crap) but Father’s Day has come early in my household.

Leaving a tear or two drying on my cheek...

Apparently I didn’t cut the mustard as a superhero...
but this free Guardian (inspired) assemblage by my delightful twosome did add a heart warming slogan...

and some fun multiple choice personalising - the 4th had me falling off the chair with laughter... but with a surprise 10hrs of Monkey , I'm guessing it’s not all that bad...

Oh yes, as for the music why not check out the wonderful
FM Shades or the equally groovesome Mein Walkman Ist Kaputt for that rare, out of print stuff we can but dream of finding...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

They came from planet plastic

They came from...
(or was that poundland)

oh and this chap was from Reading
Thristle Tongue - Shock Headed Peters
a 'green fingered' track to accompany some summer planting...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Great Covers - Part 2

Joni Mitchell - Song to a Seagull
Joni Mitchell - Song to a Seagull (1968)
A dreamy hand drawn delight and a teeny fish eye view of Joni sporting a pink plastic umbrella.

Herbie Hancock - Headhunters
Herbie Hancock - Headhunters (1973)
Iconic tribalism in acid sharp colours.

The Underneath - The Lunatic Dawn of the Dismantler
The Underneath - The Lunatic Dawn of the Dismantler (1987)
Spanners and home cooked typography from one of Karl Blake’s side projects.

Early Day Miners - All Harm Ends Here
Early Day Miners - All Harm Ends Here (2005)
Triple fold greatness that just dies a horrible death in CD format

Saturday, June 10, 2006



Lazy paint elasticised squiggles - noodles slipping fork

Big bands of pleasure sucked into then spat out

Cut across see (saw) crazy paved criss-cross

Flocks of birds shaped like cars race dart

Sequenced erosion abrasion

Bottles on spinning plates popping plastic

Horns - a grinding metal baptism in giant iron boots – parasitic mice nibble

Clashing sabres crunchy oscillations

As a scraping ‘trolley dash’ slips and slides on an oily floor

Fast suction, squeal BABY squeal – a brutalised banquet - body gripping table divinely – a contorted force-fed pleasure

Painful jazz skewered head

Winds down devoured – rippling slivers - floating dots orbit a clawed hand

Drunken lights, multicoloured fish food flakes - a collapsing de-oxygenated ache

Reprised last stand of shimmering violence – de-constructed by audience bird song...

Trk (1) Volume 0ne – live (out pouring) from Rio...
courtesy of the ever wonderful Menthe De Chat

others from Frithlang and Muwei/Fst here too

Friday, June 09, 2006

Great Covers - Part 1

Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (1970)
A massive cow and not a lot else – genius

Einstürzende Neubauten - Kollaps (1981)
Probably the best stickman in the history of music

Re: - Alms (2004)
Shimmering echoes of the Wickerman

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Soundpooling Covers

Well if a sound ever suited the environment it was played in – it would be this recent live recording from Nurse with Wound. From the inside cover alone the venue looks bleak and gothic with the terrible desolation of an Edger Allan Poe novel.

Soundpooling Inside

Apparently, according to the website it’s a late 17th century psychiatric hospital converted to a museum crammed with pickled pathological specimens and other grisly medical curios (see Jpaul23's pictures to get a better idea), just the sort of place which you'd expect the deformed ghosts of the mentally ill to still inhabit. The live track really encapsulates this atmosphere perfectly - a intense shifting drama of ill ease. It must have felt positively eerie to experience on the night, just imagining all those vaporous cries/moans echoing through the darkened interior of the museum, leaves me shuddering - an haunting image akin to the creepy Danish drama Kingdom Hospital, wordless moans bubbling in formaldehyde.

Clocking in at 65mins, this improvisation concocted from Salt Marie Celeste and Echo Poeme is full of creeping shadows, sickening nautical creaks and half smudged details. Lovely to hear the demented vocals of Diana Rogerson again, enjoyed them rebounding through my skull in slow circular disintegration. Also like the way the track’s undulating core stays with you like an indelible stain well after the audience’s rapturous applause has subsided, in fact I really felt like clapping along with them - marvellously eerie.

Track two sounds like a fresh variation on the echo poeme series. Love those ceremonial chimes and that climbing tension that culminates in some blissfully harsh sonic peaking - sounding not un-similar to Satan clearing his throat. This interrupts Freida Abtan’s thought provoking vocals and crowns its finish in the same raspy overload...

The Bonus disc cleverly entitled A Handjob from the Laughing Policeman is a remix extravaganza. A wicked 1 track re-work of Free Death / African Mosquito / Two Golden Microphones / Shipwreck Radio and probably many more obscure ones buried within. Wandering close into Coil territory the first half got me moving around the room like an unhinged pixie - a crooked disco classic for sure… where as the second half was more, chilled... a dub workout with some lovely grating freight train metal and spacey washes. The latter end is a slight return to the first disc with ‘Indernacht…’ on infinite loop, a whispering apparition in wharfside fog, accompanied by short wave flutterings. Stapleton’s voice can be heard through the murk repeating the syrupy words...

it’s coming out of the void
echoing itself
doubling itself
over and over

... all to a mellow ring modulation with the words – ‘Well there you are’ bringing the disc into a silent conclusion.

If I Were King

Black Dog in every form has been a little slice of commercial suicide. The album with With Black Sifichi - Unsavoury Products - contains the trend, matching music/beats that sound utterly degraded, like abused children or badly soiled food, with the pop-eyed delirium of Black Sifichi's automatic ranting, which spins odd tales of peversely strangulated wants and desires and attempts to document the nasty taste at the back of your mouth at the moment you realise that all you wanted is wrong and blackhearted. The odd lilting delivery is perhaps lost by listening to one track but I guarantee that if you buy this album and listen all the way through you'll start to feel part of the Beat(en) Generation.

This is Scary and Silly and (almost) as incomprehensible as the Black Dog portal. Wonderful stuff, that never takes it's heavy themes too seriously.

Black Dog With Black Sifichi - If I Were King

A Yousendit Degradational Exercise

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Going Dutch

Just got back from our end of May break in Holland, the rain sort of followed us over and thankfully cleared up towards the middle of the ten days, and I’m glad to report a bloody lovely time was had by all… with both boys developing a fascination for basketball for some odd reason…(leaving me desperately trying to look sporty)

Not really a record buying/searching sorta holiday but I managed to pick up a tasty Circle double album – Sunrise (documenting their take on cosmic Sabbath) at my favourite Amsterdam record shop (Distortion), which I’m delighted to report is still a diggers paradise, with it’s mass of impromptu stacked vinyl housing many a buried gem and of course its blissfully derailed filing system – the sort of place that you could easy lose 5 hours in without noticing, but with less than an hour to spare it was a bit of a mad dash – ‘Erked’ by the fact there was no sign of that ultra rare Mandrake LP by Fursaxa – I was kinda of getting used to the notion of owning it, but it was not to be...

Sadly didn’t get to Second Life Music further down Prinsengracht mainly due to the need for apple-pie and acid etched coffee on the corner of Raadhuisstraat and the kiddies being a bit worn out…

Love the city’s canals and the ambient dinging of bicycles but the main avenue is still a bloody construction site and the Victorian grandeur of Centraal Station has been hidden behind boards for too long methinks.


Leiden and Wassenaar were as beautiful as ever, and boy isn’t Antwerp a hidden gem of a place… Oooh - that classic Dutch architecture makes me all floaty inside and the rich vein of ‘street’ art fired the senses too...

Antwerp's historic centre

Got back to find the much delayed Nurse with Wound album Soundpooling on my doormat but more on that a little later…