Sunday, May 21, 2006

Mutant Perm Man

Artwork - Cloudboy 2006

Some music from Damn these Monkey Hands
for all my experimental leanings i just love a bit of honest indie rock to shake my head to (before it went all dishwater harmonics that is)

Sunburned Spillage

lushy slush

Found this track the other day on a dusty demo CD (one of my musical efforts from 2000) and thought misery is best shared...

pretentious/interesting (delete where not applicable)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Getting lost in the drift

Scott Walker

Bought this today, and I’ve not heard anything this traumatic since Joy Division's Closer , 'Children of God' from the Swans or that heart wrenching song by Coil – you know the one with the ghostly answer phone message at its core...

Staggeringly excellent, shit the sheer scope of The Drift really feels like it’s been laboured over for the last ten years...

Screw dancing; this is the soul on a operating table - a stained sinewy tarnished beauty.

Maybe commercial suicide for 4AD but what’s living without risk(?)

Something immortal here lies.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Operatt Amorale

Sprinkles here and there of Brecht and cabaret/Cabaret Isherwood Eurosludge and all kinds of blindness but this is definitely where the Coil of Tattooed Man were going. I still can't truly express how sad it is that they never got there. It's from the Operatt Amorale album by Black Sun Productions.

Coil (With Black Sun Productions) - A List Of Wishes

A Yousendit bicyclathonic workitout

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Scribble n Sounds

Artwork - CloudBoy 2006

Artwork © CloudBoy 2006

Artwork - CloudBoy 2006

Artwork - CloudBoy 2006

Four recent entries in my sketchbook and some necessary ambience for the veiwing from the Cranes very first (demo) release on the Bite Back cassette label (now deceased) way back in 1986. Dark and unlike anything the band would later go on to release (although certain songs were re-worked for the Self Non Self LP, which I believe was the very last recording 'Bite Back' did) ... switch off the lights and enjoy.

Cranes - Fuse

Pillow Panther.mp3 dwld expired (great title for a song don't yer think?)

Also liking the second track of this new release over at Cumshots - that screaming is really intense. Sexteto # 02.mp3

Monday, May 15, 2006

Smegma - Paris Bootleg 2005

Smegma live in Paris
... more free noise goodies over @ tanzprocesz

Sunday, May 14, 2006


No words can express now overjoyed I was to have stumbled upon this...

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Loud Lion

Loud Lion
Wouldn't yer just love to have a full circle grin...
by Cloudboy jr.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Review : Tarentel – We Move Through Weather

Tarentel – We move through weather

Tarentel – We move through weather double LP on Temporary Residence.

Hello we move through weather.mp3

Tarentel are an interesting instrumental collective who have been releasing sprawling, meandering and at times un-nerving recordings on Temp-Residence / Static Caravan for the last seven or so years. This one has been out for a year or so, but I have only just uncovered it. A slight change in the core line-up and a reduction in the number of players has made for a narrower, more compressed sound.

Although song duration is still there at times, the breadth and scope are lacking compared to their 1999 masterpiece Bone & Satellite. Perhaps it is just that sparser sound is fuelling their thinking at the moment.

Half of the eight tracks are 15 minute repetitive drum patterns with either sparse guitar lines or other sounds, some manufactured by their own invention the 'tabletop', which appears to string tape-decks, turntables and other sound generating devices together. These drifting tracks do seem to evoke train travel and looking out across a rolling plain watching weather patterns forming and inexorably enveloping you.

In other places Elephant shoes finds dirgey clarinet scattered over ambient noise. Interestingly, you gain more from it at every listen , the subtle shifts in dynamics where little appears to be occurring , though the whole pitch of a track is gradually increasing until the sound fills your head, then abruptly stops with a low register taking it’s place.

At times the drums evoke PIL’s 'Flowers of Romance' , the unusual rhythm of Bump Past, Cut Up Through Windows is only joined by select piano notes and random bass clarinet tones. The overall effect is enervating and at odds with some of the more testing tracks, such as the succeeding one Everywhere The Damn Echo, a series of apparently random noises, tape squeal, clarinet, found sounds all linked by the under the radar sounds of what appears to be bagpipes. Other mysterious Eastern sounding reed instruments are enlisted, the whole thing becoming an odd cauldron of sound.

The Tarentel Studio

The album closes with one of the epic cross-country train tracks, a circular guitar motif haunting the the track like a buffeting wind. Quickly all sounds drop and the slow build-up starts a new, the guitar weaving a subtly different shape. Further in storm clouds gather on the horizon and the atmosphere changes again.

It’s the duration of the tracks that enables them to build and it really does make for a fascinating, hypnotic listen. For fans of drawn-out , experimental post-rock this is quite a treat.

By Mr Olivetti

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Thomas Truax and Duke Special

@ Riffs Bar Sunday 7th May.

Riff Bar is a lovely pub based venue set in the Wiltshire countryside that’s already generating a name for itself in the rock/local band fraternity. I don’t think the likes of Circle will be here just yet but they’ve introduced a ‘Special Night’ feature to their roster which shows a promising step in the right direction. So cancelling our plans to see the Magik Markers and F#ckbuttons in Bristol we made our way to Riffs instead.

Thomas Truax was wonderful, imparting his zany wit with the aid of a gorgeous ‘Resonator’ guitar which shone in the stage lights beautifully, and an odd ball collection of homemade ‘Heath Robinson’ type instruments that were true show stealers. (Thanks to Comrade Baarsinski of the Netherlands for the hot tip)

Thomas Truax and the Hornicator

Starting off with a song about hypnosis, the stage suitably darkened, Traux’s half lit face sang into his Hornicator while fingering the mini harp at its base, his breaths stringing the song together. With his back bent, his legs giddily swayed in time to the staggered lyricism that ended in the snap of his fingers.

Thomas Truax

Wow - what a start and when the lights returned Traux started up Sister Spinster - his clattery drum machine which accompanied him on guitar for a couple of hilarious songs. He adjusted the spokes of this contraption to create different drum patterns, his voice crooning and punctuating the comicalness with some choice faces. The guy’s observations and flights of fantasy were great, playfully springing around his fantastic guitar style.

Sister Spinster

Thomas Truax with Fan

When he employed a battery operated fan to the strings, a sinister dulcimer like sound filled the place, its eerie flutterings complimenting the songs ‘butterfly’ subject matter. Totally captivating and it added to the surreal nature of the song with its audio spookiness.

The Butterfly And The Entomologist (dwld expired) from Audio Addition
and if you enjoy this why not buy it from here.

Escape from the Orphanage from Full Moon Over Wowtown

Later, unplugged, Truax went acoustic and wondered round the pub, to audience giggles, bestowing the virtues of ‘Wowland’, he disappeared at one point to reappear behind the bar howling at the ceiling – what a showman.

Thomas Truax

Thomas Truax messing around

On returning to the stage he then pulled out another one of his devices - the name of which unfortunately has escaped me. It consisted of dryer tubing attached to a bongo drum with all manner of sound producing trinkets wired around. Shouted into, banged, the small toys rattling / clattered periodically and at one point the drum was suspended by a string from the rafters for it to be plucked like a guitar. Each one of these sounds was captured and reworked into the song until it was a patchwork of ‘Hillbilly’ madness - brilliant. It was a shame his set had to end, for this man was entertainment personified and stunningly original with a maverick / inventive style that left us all with the widest of smiles.

Thomas Truax

Duke Special

Duke Special – was a piano/percussion based duo who played their instruments with plenty of energy, their songs were more conventional than Thomas Truax but miles more explosive than their online studio tracks demonstrate. Boy that drummer created a huge sound as the lead vocalist hit the keyboard, his vocals all creamy silk slipping on through, a slight Irish accent curling warmly round the lyrics. Whisks, graters, sound-boxes and a nifty custom-made beating stick were deployed throughout the set and at one point a vintage harmonium slowed the paced of the set down a notch or two.

Duke Special

Mr Olivetti (the vinyl junkie he is) bought a 78rpm ten inch as a memento (he despises the CD format), me Truax’s latest and we both made our way home while the Duke could still be heard from outside covering that famous ‘Buggles’ single.

A cracking night and a venue I’ll be checking out more in the future…

Friday, May 05, 2006


Worms by Cranioclast

Cranioclast - (the) L.K.A. Sonar Kit

Cranioclast - the L.K.A. Sonar Kit

Cranioclast - (the) L.K.A. Sonar Kit - 2nd Edition

Misty winter mornings are made for this music - the chill, the glittering tarmac, the broken fingers of trees diffused into the infinite sky. All those different sound sources floating round a mellow stream of consciousness like orbiting satellites. Vocals in a mirage of tattered silks introduce the first side (De Zeester) like the astral sound of a musical saw - operatic and enticing. Strung to a heartbeat and slow rhythm, disembodied cords and bowed strings are washed up in the swell. Swirls of sound fray from the track's core and echoed and reverbed samples filter into the structure to give your ears a pure delirium - closing the eyes is recommended. Ghostly vocals return briefly with the track closing in over echoed laughter.

The second side (The Anemone) brings on field recorded bird calls from inside circular piano motifs and murky harbour horns, all laced on a repetitive rubber band like rhythm. My eyes dart to imaginary trees, but only concrete looms back. I close them to visions of nesting gulls in the hearts of pianos - their droppings splattering on the shiny paint work. Germanic words are intoned, they peak then disperse throughout this curious mixture. Later shrill animal sounds eat away at a toy music box - the geese cackle. Vocals echo repeatedly until a pulse like distant Morse code recedes into silence.

Cranioclast - the L.K.A. Sonar Kit

Beautiful artwork adorns this long play 7", both sides are covered in spooky little photo- collages. One side with tentacled and cycloptic anemones (suitably gothic and withered looking) the other starfish with unusual limb replacements.

I love the weight of this release - so substantial - in more ways than you at first think.

by Mr Autotistic

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Stag meets hunter

One of the most evocative album back covers for me, just hear those light dappled leaves whispering as the centre remains inexplicably still...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Revealed Unpeeled

First Loki then Kek-w it's more infectious than being in hospital