Saturday, July 29, 2006

Monday, July 24, 2006

Paint It Black


Never liked the Stones much, probably could count the tracks I like on one hand, but 'Paint it Black' would be there at the very top. This cover version by the German guitar droners – Troum excellently captures that Eastern(ish) hook of the original, while successfully re-shaping it into a delicious dirge that washes over you like a darkening sky... all colour gradually vanishing into black like a closing aperture.

Painted BlackTroum
from the Tumult album Painted Black

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Thinking Fellers...

Four O'Clocker 2 - The Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
from Lovelyville

I loved (still love) this band, sorta came outa nowhere in early 90's (after signing to Matador). Sounding like a bunch of beered up yokels with an incredible collection of ideas, they made a refreshing change from some of the mediocre grunge that followed in the wake of the Nirvana explosion...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Dawn for the photo-sensitive

Sew Mouth by Cloudboy

Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa - Hunsruck (instr)
from Melchior

a deflating balloon trapped on the horizon hear those birds scrrreamm...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Get an eye full of this...

artwork taken from

This dutch screenprint artist is just the dogs!!!
incredible colours / shapes / fonts

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Found this today...

2000 AD
Anderson PSI Division by David Roach 91

...had loads of 2000AD comics, collected them religiously from issue 1 to the late 300's but one day decided to get shot of them all in 94 (regrettably) - all that great Bolland / Mike McMahon artwork and classic Judge Dredd storyline gone gone gone...

Friday, July 07, 2006

Dream Alone

Christina Carter

I’m in love with this track

Dream Long from Lace Heart

It trembles like a star filled sky or an evening sun that melts into a petrol rainbow. The more you look the more intriguing it becomes. Its lack of substance is a definition of substance flickering on your retina in scratchy super 8

look who's coming back to these shores...


Pumajaw and Charalambides

@ the Cube, Bristol - Thurs 6th July 2006

Pinkie Maclure

Pinkie Maclure

Pumajaw were bloody superb, coming at the genre of folk music sideways - with a kind of aesthetic that pulsed vitality, the combination of Pinkie’s undeniable operatics (boy her vocal range was just bewildering) and John’s foot tapping series of tight guitar loops and textures really throbbed with life dispelling any historical dowdiness.

Pinkie’s squeezebox sensibilities were great too, her body swaying minx-like to the rhythm. A lot of the current album was showcased, and what a pleasing selection it was… liked the addition of a neat electronic drum pad that chucked really pointed percussive echoes through the fabric of some of the tracks. The set crackled and simmered with confidence, and it was refreshing to see two 40(ish) musicians who’s creative lights were still burning so brightly.

Pinkie Maclure

Pinkie Maclure and John Wills

Older material crept in too and their live version of ‘the long way round’ was such a giddy delight that teetered on toppling into an abstract fuzz but thankfully never did. Always liked Pinkie (ever since the mid 80’s) and this latest incarnation is well worth checking out - simply marvellous …

Tom and Christina Carter

Tom and Christina Carter

The main act, the Charalambides was a slight disappointment in comparison, guessing they were both feeling a bit travel wary. Don’t get me wrong there were real moments of transcendence during the set but every time the hypnotics of the rhythm were beginning to lull you over Tom would annoy the whole structure with a jarring riff or an over-complex journey up and down the fretboard that for the most part just wasn’t needed.

Christina Carter


In fact when cohesion between the duo was present it was just as wonderful as the recordings I’ve heard. Tom (sporting a wicked beard not dissimilar to this Van Gogh painting) instinctively chased round his guitar, his fingers sometime feathering the lower bridge creating a tremendously dreamy affair a kin to the ripples of a heat haze. Loved the eccentric shapes he coaxed out of his guitar by tapping the neck or running his finger between the strings while Christina gently swept the cords or picked out a simple regularity to Tom’s exuberance.

Tom Carter

For the rest though the duo seemed not to be listening to each other enough, leading to a strange awkwardness hanging over the whole show. The fact that Christina’s normally sublime vocals failed to ignite in places made this more so. I think it was a pity her vocals weren’t reverbed on the night, as the repetitive lyrics would have positively glowed with a touch of ghosting.

Anyway I’m putting it down to an off day, something that definitely won’t be stopping me buying up their beautiful vibes in the future...

... starting with this gorgeous one by Christina Carter - Lace Heart (Pressing 300)

Christina Carter - Lace Heart

Christina Carter - Lace Heart

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Let these into yer skull...

I’d like to introduce the Noisejihad net label.
(thanks to Rafael for bringing it to my attention)

Not the blistering assault on the senses you may at first think, as a lot of the free dwlds here are very drone based which makes a refreshing change from the expected extreme end of the noise scene. I can never get enough of both camps, but on a lovely sunny day like today where even the necessity of breathing is too much effort a slowly built structure that nibbles at your consciousness goes down perfectly through the headphones...

...and what better candidates than the below to fulfill the requirements

Danny Kreutzfeldt from Germany – throwing a cool shadow of menace in a slow motion freefall, glimmers of light in the high end distortion and twisted rip stream currents that agreeably fill your head.

The marvellously named Skull Defekts from Sweden (who incidentally have a fabulous split LP out with the ever wonderful Wolf Eyes that's well recommended) give some divinely distorted bass gtr, drum and vocal surprises amongst the regular electronic stew that would even bring a grin to Justin Broadrick’s face.

Kim Cascone from the US – all microtonal skips, clicks and industrial hum that serenely infest you with their scuttling...

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