Tuesday, November 27, 2012


...what a great Team Brick Christmas combo...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kemper Norton - Collision Detection v6

This is an amazing slice of consistency, electronica with a strong folksy core, absorbs the projects raw materials like soft soil does a boulder suitably covered in a thick coating of mossy down…

Him (loving those enigmatic single word titles) starts proceedings recounting a tale of domestic abuse to haunting slips of drone…‘He beat her black, he beat her blue, he made the bourbons(?) rattle too ’ There’s a quiet authority to the voice, a game keeper spinning a yarn in front of a blazing hearth. You can really feel the scenery contracting to this voice as the distant clanging and sulphurous swirls fill the speakers in differences, dissidence… Sounds that conjure / romance some ‘other’, a sepia soak that’s excellently observed, right down to the boozy chants dissipating in frosty air. An ooze of late Autumn, like a trace of weathered initials in time bloated bark or the fragrance of some mouldering almanac …

Dusted in glints of IDM modernism Us briefly removes you... in a strange mechanical ping/pong, attacked in hissy vents and modulated cross cuts , like the bell jarred excitement of insects bouncing the curvature of glass before succumbing to a lethal chemical cocktail.

Them radiates on heavier densities, the crackle of radioactive topes… a weighty drone fed with ominous breaths and creaking phantoms… a tensile rumble worked over by some gorgeous gossamer fretwork, whilst a knot of tattered rosary threads skip the core...

The last track Her suckles from the previous... its scratchy seismic needles linger as the narrator returns on an undulating odour of drone and breeze flapping lace … ‘Go from my window my love, go from my window please’ he sings repeatedly in a vain attempt to banish a persistent apparition maybe? as the marrow of rotting leaves fills the air in a subtle churn of worming metallics

A brilliantly realised EP that makes me eager to sample more from Mr Norton’s cabinet of curiosities…

Monday, November 19, 2012


Thursday 15th Nov - KoKo London

Seeing the Swans back in 2010 was pretty awe inspiring, but the repeat experience was beyond words... a two hour plus show that blew expectation clean out of the water... the sheer magnitude / scope was unbelievable, almost mythical...Howling twists of pounding volume, laced with woozy ambiences...That live rendition of the title track off 'The Seer' which was over 48mins alone (most band's whole set!)...plus the taut muscular joy of hearing that golden oldie 'Coward' again... a thirsty, staggering animal of a song... Gira's heavy as lead vocals over the retracted guitar screams of Westberg and Pravdica.. .sprays of incendiary lapsteel from Christoph Hahn, whilst Thor and Puleo slammed all in sundry in measured response, absolutely unholy. Like the latest album, songs just materialised through the wreckage and improv repetitions ... Gira all raggety man, hand fans shaking as if imaginarily crucified, an evil worm of tongue wiggling in his alabaster countenance, voicing lots of excellent new material ... To be kind, She loves us and Nathalie, songs that could have easily pushed the triple vinyl to a fourth slab... This was Gira and company at the top of their game. showing no sign of nostalgic resignation, meaty, unrelenting and something I'm going to remember for a long time to come... now it's time to re-live

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Songs From the Old Grammar School

Some really nice improv spaces and knotted hair from The (plexus) Collective

Tambora Rekotz

23. November 2012 @ Badenstedterstrasse 48, Hannover with:
(M)Anal Ustard´S Rock Opera Feat. Peter Gabriel (Han)
Opa (B)
Windmill Moth Glue (Uk)
Navngitt Monster Opptog (Nor)

Cutcutcut: Cora Sprengel | Music : Windmill Moth Glue - Grandpa Satan

...more mothglue happenings here, go catch 'em

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Silver Stairs Of Ketchikan - Until There Is No Sideways

Some excellent new SSOK material from Charlie R of Thought Forms

g e l n a i l s - gel nails

Fresh produce from Ultra Bonbon's Danny Milanese... moving away from his bleaker electronic terrains, these demos under the moniker of Gel Nails delve into a murky dungeon of synthy drone, looped cassette rub and forlorn vocals... i'm loving that Morricone sewer of Yoko Gonzo and i think you should too...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Impurities - Thossian Process

Here Thossian Process (aka Tim Mitchell) presents seven tracks of disembodied abstraction … a nocturnal firmament teeming with phantomised insects... transparent bodies that are used to the barest of illumination. A suspension of flash-lit digital dust, semi opaque mysteries that I imagine, fit well with a journey through the ruined environments documented in the inlay. The blackness carving anxious fallouts to these shrill fractals of Circles Burning. The coo-ing pigeon roots placing doubts in perception, as the spray of oily loplop feathers are tangled in a choke of ivy, modulations mingling with the smell of damp earth and moulding concrete... Machine born vocabularies shadow playing the watery timbers and rumble.

A negligee of neglect, October mass is all sinewave serpentia... devotional tones blighted in bubbling of liquidised tremor... as a lone shaman rattles out safe passage, seemingly holding the arterial shiver of light against a lake of glistening black coils…

Eastern Sunset is a pure blood fell horizon of cobra sonics, a kazooed mainline splatter of tentacles… and abrasive counter directions... whereas Strange masks… unravels more hypnotically as a firefly of magical metallics flap the speaker's diaphragm, and swarming mirror fragments are threaded on the starkest of numbed percussion…

Conqueror Worm is beset with swished mouthwashes and electro prodded caustics as a pulsating maggot wax chews through debris… dynamically ending in a mechanised scream…

Slum Hymn is my favourite… whirring, coupled with a masticated plod… a murmuring breeze of chant, affixed to an Assyrian undulation which soaks into you as more and more camouflaged details betray themselves... before Coma of Sunday eloquently ends the audio excursion in a slow displacement of algae… a soup of camen uncertainties… echoes of subterranean manatees or watery owls… vapour vends that linger...

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Ichi, Islaja and Tomutonttu

20th Oct - The Cube Bristol

Ichi was marvellous… stilt walked on stage kazooing as he went… making his way through an array of homemade musical wares completely acoustically - as Jan would later state.. 'not even using a microphone'... Essentially a one man band, he brimmed with inventiveness… a real eccentric. A bright orange traffic cone amplifying his cutesy Japanese vowel noodles, accompanied by the simplest of melodies and oompha kicks of bass drum… Steel pan calypso upping the sunshine factor as he constantly assembled and reassembled his wares into different concoctions for each track..

That two string double bass sounded unbelievably sweet, constructed from a stilt leg ... a tambourine sound box, further amplified by the orange cone clipped behind, it was sometimes bowed accompanied by some mighty fine Kazakhstan throat action or slapped and plucked Mingus stylee to his Asiatic syllables … Later, a toy trumpet was perched on top, thimble fingers drumming it’s body… extra percussion from the clackers attached to his All-Stars… that balloon deflating into a trumpet was pure genius!… The man was a blur of novelty… finishing his set playing crazy golf with his instruments, making abstract noises as he went. A party popper finale from his headwear, before stilt walking off stage once more…

Islaja was taking a brave step into the unknown... ditching her usual Finnish word fairies for English and wrapping them in modulated key drones... Lush sampledelic cordons in slippery time frames... those wolf-like howlings were superb, hacking back to her shamanic roots, swept into techno kraut fallouts... a bit irked that some of the lush directions were disappointingly chopped short or left wavering towards some wobbly danceables...

Last up Jan Anderzen the man behind Tomutonttu was nursing a bad cold, mulling a tumbler of rum and coke in hand...... saying he really liked Ichi's set, apologetically gesturing towards his musical wears and saying sheepishly on reflection that it all depended on electricity... with a shrug of the shoulders he went straight into his goods...a slippery floor of sonic loopage similar to his looniness for Ultra Eczema (recently dragged from the brink of rarity by Jan and Sammi's Fonal imprint)... glow sticks of tune tomahawking the speakers complimenting the circular symmetries projected behind… those pitch/tempo shifting ethers full of merry trolls and toy like conversations... vaulted insanity that seemed to wheeze with meaning...

Vena Cava

28th Sept - The Croft

Can’t believe Vena Cava only got to play two tracks in the end… After a fiery start it was clear this wasn’t going to be a game of disheartened half measures as the band notched up a real juggernaut of a send off… A mighty fine brew, similar to their previous outing but way more pyrotechnic … those ram-raiding drums, and Mardt's chevrons of bass attacking in ever wider circles of predatory intent… Christelle's fret gildings itching out over it all, a river of gothic sensibilities enhanced by her vocal gasps … Bardo Pond would be a good comparison, but this was way more blunder busting as the effects propelling everything skywards then seemed to super charge into orbit… plunging into a frazzled meltdown of sonic sycamore seeds helicoptering out in centrifugal burns… Screaming skulls peppered in meaty pounds and chisellings of bass fuzz that ate away your inner ear in termite serrations… The drummer, Sean, kicking the shit out of his kit to two guitars battling hungry feedback bats… a spectacle that made the 45min journey to Bristol totally worthwhile…