Monday, August 28, 2006

Wayland's Smithy

Surfin Dood

I'm srfig dood - by little cloudboy
and this trk reminds me of slummin' it in Turkey at the latter end of the 90's
A Black and White Rainbow - A Hawk and a Hacksaw

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Magnetic Drugs CDR

magnetic drugs - sunburned hand of man

This was highly recommended by one of the Sunburned Hand Collective at their recent Bristol gig. 'Man, that one’s good, a bit of everything', he enthused, as my hand tentatively hovered over the package, being attracted by its 'Art Brut' scribblin’.

'Full of tunes to lose yerself in', he added in a rich American accent...

And I guess the man don’t lie, as I’ve been lost in it all week, my head pleasantly expanded / bent outa shape...

The Soft Hustle (first 9 of an 18 min trk)

Scream girl screammmmmmmmmmmm – yeah...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Sunbled Joy on Hacksaw Hawk

Sunburned Hand of the Hand / A Hawk and Hacksaw @ Seymours Family Club - 17th August 2006

Seymours was a brilliant venue, exactly like Kek said - a function room tagged onto a workingman’s club. Glitter, balloons, tea-lit tables, dance floor - more like being at a friend’s wedding than a gig. A great warm glow of a place, dismayed to find out the whole place is scheduled for demolition in the near future (the soul suckers sink further).

Anyways, Matt and Kate from Movietone DJ-ed an agreeably eclectic 78 rpm set as the room filled to the brim with many familiar cube running/going faces…

Sunburned Hand of the Hand

Sunburned Hand’ were in excellent ‘rocked out’ form, pounding drums, tight bass and a hell of a lot of luscious sonic scribbling. Loved the effects driven sax squiggles slipping n' sliding through in gong-esque glory - a true delight for the ears.

Sunburned Hand of the Hand

Sunburned Hand of the Hand

The tracks seamlessly followed each other, leaving little space for applause until it was suddenly all over - the whole room screamed for more and the guys obliged …

Sunburned Hand of the Hand

Sunburned Hand of the Hand

The encore was pure ‘Circle’, a gigantic monster of a sound that took everything of virtue from rock and spewed it all over us – shit, this left me (and probably everyone in the room) with a grin that felt a mile wide. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch this lot – they plough a mythical magic that blows holes in your universe to expand it further than you ever thought possible.

A Hawk and the Hacksaw were a duo of violin, drum and accordion that stoked up a lovely Eastern European atmosphere of mostly instrumental numbers that sometimes whirled around you like music for a sped-up Czech animation or were fringed on the sorrowful.

The Hawk and the Hacksaw

The Hawk and the Hacksaw

Both found musical prompts from each other and worked it over like a mad line drawing, jolting jostling. His huge accordion giddily losing its balance round her sliding strings and the addition of the drums giving the sound a massive pulse to cruise along. The whole vibe felt agreeably agitated yet supremely joyous.

The Hawk and the Hacksaw

The Hawk and the Hacksaw

All this and finally getting to chat with mighty KEK,
another cracking night...

p.s. I'll be posting a few tunes from both bands in the next few days
so stay tuned.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Totem Hole

Robedoor - Totem Hole CDR

A storm of crippled guitar murk with unholy plunges 'n' ruptures. The sheer physical density of this stuff is breathtaking. The vox/moan is chilling, like a dying carcass trapped in slow motion doomed to repetition. A cocked hat to Skullflower perhaps, but Robedoor are definitely the business... This is pure occultist noise, near pitch black and unrelenting - a thing of beauty...

... a little taster from Trk 1 for you (the first 5 ish mins of 12)

Available from tanzprocesz, so get in touch.

  • Robedoor's site
  • A cool podcast archive featuring some more Robedoor out pourings
  • Thursday, August 10, 2006

    Discarded Musical Vermin

    NWW - Rat Tapes Vol.1

    More scrapings off the cutting room floor from Mr Wound, not as ‘all over the place’ as Sucked Orange yet not as fleeting as Musty Odour. Lots of recognised fragments mangled or mingled, amongst the new plus a hint of Nurse’s much anticipated dance / street direction when the decent stab at drum n bass gets you rechecking that you have the right disc playing…

    I’m in favour of the absconding guitar/drum combo of trk 16, the deaths head bell procession of its neighbour and of course trk 5 made from sounds that are distinctly ‘hamster wheel’ in origin.

    Rat Tapes Vol.1 is buyable from those good people over at The Water Tower, there’s no excuse for not snapping this up, you’d be a fool not to, and only a tenner...

    Monday, August 07, 2006

    oh oh oh

    I’m having an Amon Duul year it would seem. Found this in Poole this Sunday gone, after a spot of semi-successful harbour fishing with the Kids. Two slabs of drum n strum workouts from the boys and girl(s) of the first Duul splinter and a great companion piece for their Psychedelic Underground – a sound made for hot August nights...

    Friday, August 04, 2006

    Suntanned man with hands, lots of hands


    Listening to this while the little one's impersonating Jacques Cousteau in the bath, a flipper splash mixing with the sax fluttering...

    'War yeah War' goes track two - the Islamic touches seeming oddly poignant as middle Eastern children scrawl messages of love on bombs intended for their neighbours... this fades into the short shamanic dub of trk three and I find myself swaying pleasantly while spooning the fruit salad.

    Later Hannibal’s elephants call through the floorboards as my eldest goes to bed; my littlest pulls strange faces to the dying embers. What's this called? I like to call it their Verdigris Skull album although there’s a pictogram clue that still leaves me clueless – guess it must be a senses thing...

    But it’s track one I favour, reading like a lost Amon Duul nugget getting under yer skin leaving you goose pimply. Yeah...

    Track One - Sunburned Hand of the Man

    Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    Religions Sauvages

    Wow, this looks like a real tour de force. A two hour (plus) toxic cocktail for the eyes n ears that should come with a government health warning.

    Some tasty snippets can be found here.