Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Deformed Alien

i swear that slit of a mouth is mumbling stuff

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Forgotten Classics #1 - Skeletons - Inflatable Boy Clams

Skeletons is so cute it's unreal... full of messy lo-fi casio angles and an adorable voice... never fails to bring a smile to my face

Kushima Chainsaws

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Night Terrors 1 - Joinedbywire, Non Ferric Memories, Little Creature and Skjolbat

Thursday the 8th July at The Croft, Bristol

Bloody hell! It was so hot that night, we could have easily become protozoaic puddles... Finally seeing Joinedbywire in action was really great, been eager to check them out since I lapped up their debut over at LF Records last year... that tasty industrial droneage they plied on the night ticked my boxes...A dancehall of broken bicycles interspersed with fizzy radio dialogue and plenty of squelching latex, vomiting through the cracks... the emergency blisters throwing out warnings as underlying rhythms barely held things in place...Amazing stuff!.. Shoals of robotic manatees flash lit directly into your cerebellum... Got to say, their new three incher, slays, big time... plenty of metallic carnage and uneasy ambiance packed in a neat 21 minutes, gorgeous package too.

Our first Non Ferric outing was quite enjoyable after a shaky start... live; the material we'd put together over at Cloudy HQ had a life of its own, and we just went with the flow... I remember my African one string drum sounded insanely Goblinesque at one point.. Toby's bass chords keeping everything frayed and delayed in check. The atmospheric lighting reduced us to floating masks... Think we came across ok sound-wise... even sold a few cdr's.

The heat was stifling as the solo Little Creature unfolded his battered leather suitcase and started playing. The collaged catharsis of spooky loops and chilling vox was worth suffering the stickiness for... The vocals leaping from lamentful whine to pure savagery, the clash of echoed blurs played out over the hard edged belch of electrics... a choir freefalling through the sonic rumble... the vibe glowed raw, like road kill, as vocals drowned in feedback pyres to the pitted patter of birds feet scratching polystyrene... A welcome draft of air came through the door just as a myriad of valves torched our ears Vomir stylee... eruptive discord swallowed by trenches of bowed paraphernalia and gaffer taped sine waving... beautiful stuff...

Last up were a duo of e-bowed guitar and metal percussion called Skjolbat... loose textures interweaving then melding into a proggy crescendo, some really peculiar sounds coming from both sides of the stage... the guitar - an acid singed Hendrix, dissolving into Clanger-esque eddies and technicolor sweeps - all effervescent and tingly, countered by bowed and reverberating metal... that giant bronze hand giving out a rich bassy breathe... the sizzling edges of homemade cymbals chewing into the chord gallops... later Toby could be seen selling his metal foundry skills to the drummer...

Friday, July 09, 2010

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


culled from over 10hrs of jamming, a little taster CDr before the debut album hits later this year. Available at the Night Terrors show and beyond...

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Reading Matter

Not too sure about this, only a few chapters in...

the bad sex pulpitations are a bit of a yawn...still a few glimmers of genius keeping me turning the pages... must stop comparing it to those Golgotha piled metaphors of his past...

...this on the other hand has been a mind sizzler from the first paragraph... the poetry of existence, humble observations given wings.

Vuonna 86

this came this morning....

...recorded at the end of the road in Poikelus amongst the wolves, dead moles, other indescribable furry things and barrel loads of nearly forgotten Jamaican Rum...

God bless yr Kappi, for giving us something truly magikal.