Monday, October 19, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Zodiac Toys - Galaxy High

There’s certainly no messing about on this soon to be released tape from Joey Chainsaw and Hoist Ghost, as you’re instantly plunged into a churn-bucket of sonic bladed Suicide repetition. A symphony of manic, dot matrix printers recorded through a battered cassette deck, the horizon filled up with Casio fuzzed / gtr alarm. Emergency signatures stuck together with gluey fingers. Ivory stabs hit across the solid note pulse. Sprawling out like some spiky mutation, all that treble making you dizzy… The spectrum, a deliciously dirty lo-fi as strung out illuminations blink from underneath the chafe.

The second track is more mystical sustain, easy on the sonic teeth. Like Emeralds but more fucked, ploughing a physical T.Dream gateway, a tickled nirvana of cracked light and drooping sunsets. Like a rough cut soundtrack of cranky bed sprung spirals, a slower tempo full of decaying pear drops and flat line trajectories, vacuumed up and spewed out -A John Carpenter-esque travelogue for an unwritten chase scene, all cut-up and biro-ed over. - Zodiac Toys are a misshapen joy.

Dig those gravy shapes

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thursday, October 08, 2009

BambiKill - S/T Cdr

Right from the first track the musicianship here is excellent. Each track a riffage of varying geometries, chords caught in the glint of an electric dawn. Sheer and evocative, with the odd bout of mesmerism thrown in for good measure; the dramatics have this curious organic type of bleed that writes its own scenery, panoramas that are like tattooed movies for the eyelids.

Out of the eight tracks presented here, the 11 minute Skull Candle is my personal favourite… A late night phantasm built up from guitar fragments and ringing shards, growing out into a whirlpool of looped textures and freight train splutter... collapsing back to a beating heart of processional percussion. A quivering, ill defined witchiness that's not overtly sinister but imbued with a delicious otherness, a fragile magick…

On other tracks, the vocals are smoulder balls of fading breathes or siren calls backed by plenty of fret knives and chord knots. I like the oriental light that cascades out of Affinity, sort of gives the chantery a stronger repose, where as After You’ve Gone dwells in more of a rock aesthetic, like a discharge of PJ Harvey with Cure-esque shadows, the words bound up in sparkling strings echoing Chan Marshall antiquities. As the album moves towards it’s finale the bittersweet Broken Waters contrasts nicely with the exquisite Apollo, creating a dreaminess that’s just begging to be released on marbled seven inch…

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Azalia Snail and Friends

Saturday 3rd October @ the Cube, Bristol

Paul dragged me out of my sick bed to see his old friend Azalia Snail on Saturday night, I was still harbouring a ‘behind the eyes’ burn and snot filled head, but I was up for it having battled the worse outa my system…

Annette Berlin

T.S. Brooks

She was supported by some jangly, guitar girl harmonics from Houdie & the Sea, gutzy vibes by Annette Berlin of Big Joan fame, plus some acoustic magic from TS Brooks - all very entertaining, but it was Azalia Snail who stole the show for me.

Azalia Snail

Coming across like a psyched Sandie Shaw, vocals drenched in reverbed dissolvings and delayed dé jà vu. No idea what the lyrics were and it didn’t matter as I was loving the hypno-sheen and sunny tempos she was generating. Working up a dizzy sustain from her auto-harp, throwing across this a delicious fingered harpsichord lace full of swooping pigeons... shimmering joy songs that banish marble skies.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Arklight - Shards and Ashes

The instrumentation is like a 20’s thumb print of light, with candle quivering speech obscured in clatter and lo-fi chord tumbles, reminds me of Smog’s early introspections or Crescent’s flirtations with urban shadowing.

Nicely paced and moody but never jet black depression, this release is like walking a ruined hinterland. Those kissed whip cracks and braying strings seem to be echoes shot through drab non furnished rentals, shadowy instrumentation groping towards songs that have been Alzheimered out of existence. The mouse trap snap of programming, numb fingers and empty pockets… an oratory to the concrete, a sickness of the city, around which phantom toys skip a lament.

This is a late night, sleepless zombie collection of wicked loops and grey atmospheres read from a tattered notebook. Simple words strung in flat origami folds, mouth confetti falling deflated to the boards. Even the wordless tracks bleed plenty and conspire towards a bleak sub-a-kulture, the brittle bristle of yesterday’s newspapers. I love the resigned sigh that seems to filter through all the tracks, so much so that you don’t even notice the gradual shafts of light that work their way through… an exercise video plays to itself in delayed syrup caught in crippled guitar claws, but the words bring on smiles, then a beat-boxed deconstruction changes the scenery completely with a mired cuteness that must be one of Arklight’s finest pop moments.

Allow me to hit the lights.mp3

Thursday, October 01, 2009


my old neighbour spreads some of this noise luv